Thursday, July 06, 2017

Book Sales, Books Sales!

I'm in Maine and I've already attended the first of the two library sales I look forward to all year.  And I have spoils, oh do I!

Yeah, it's an addiction, I admit it.  But 20 books for $20 bucks!  Plus a not pictured handful I got at Bull Moose that are already shelved and mixed in, $5.50 for 11 books with a few more real treats in the pile. (Did I take a picture of those?  Yes, I took a picture of those!

I didn't even know there was a follow up/sequel to Island of the Blue Dolphins until I happened upon it.

And, of course, Zeus helped me book shop by guarding my pile while I scoured the shelves.

I did manage to read "The Whipping Boy" by one of my childhood favorite authors, Sid Fleischman.  I'm currently reading an e-version of  one of the "The Saint" books -- the print is TINY so that's not going very quickly.  And I'm working my way into China Mieville's Railsea.  I like it and I don't know why I'm reading so slowly.

Tomorrow will be spent writing, as I have a deadline.  Whoo hoo!  Am I weird in that I love deadlines?  I need something to scare me through the roadblocks in my head.