Sunday, May 28, 2017

Losing and Gaining Time

I haven't been reading so much so far this year.  I'm not even listening to audio books.

Why?  Politics.

Ok, lemme 'splain here.

The election last year and the resulting shit-show going on has me upset.  So, I felt like maybe, after some 30 years of being politically indifferent, maybe it was time I got off my ass and started paying attention.  The easiest way to do this available to me was via podcasts.  I've spent much of 2017 trying and culling various podcasts to find the ones that spoke to me, that made sense to me, that seemed less like idiocy to me.

I have a surprisingly long list.

Of course, not everything I listen to is politically related.  There are science podcasts, humor podcasts, podcasts about books and writing, and a few that are pure entertainment.  Listening to podcasts eats up a lot of the brain power I would normally use in reading.   I'm following the stories, trying to keep my eye on the smaller, important ones and not get distracted by the splashy big headlines of the latest rumor or gaffe.  I'm watching court cases, keeping an eye on legislation in committee, and of course, watching the White House.

I'm also having a current brain problem with emotionally connecting with fiction.  This is related to my depression and anxiety disorder.  I've started I can't count how many books recently, was reading along with interest, when -- at a point where I had to emotionally engage with a character -- a giant NOPE spider would drop metaphorically on the page and I would just ...go away.  I'll push through this at some point, but right now it's a spoon too many.

I'm also dealing with physical issues -- arthritis in my already borked spine has reached a level where I need pain management to do things like walk or stand.  What I've got going works, and works pretty well, but it requires regular "updates" and has some side effects that aren't so wonderful (my first 7 day total migraine, for one).  Again, these will be handled in time, but that time issue is important.  Physical pain and mental pain eat up a lot of my time and energy these days.  This seriously cuts into reading time.

I have ambitions to catch up this summer and read at least 6 books.  I intend to spend my time in Maine reading, writing, doing a few craft projects, swimming and kayaking, and staring at trees.

So, actual reading done -- I read through the second volume of Noah Lugeons' Diatribes, which I enjoyed.  I got to meet him in April at ReasonCon. Everything I said the with the first one stays true here.  I enjoy Noah's voice.

I also read yet another Pride and Prejudice fanfic called Unequal Affections by Lara S. Ormiston, which was unusual and pretty good. It explored the "road untaken" of having Elizabeth accept Darcy's first proposal --upon conditions.  It didn't pull too many non-sequiturs and anachronisms, and did a nice job of sticking to the original material where it could.