Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Book Review -- In Shining Armor

In Shining Armor:  Book 4 of the Pax Arcana by Elliott James

Audiobook read by Roger Wayne

I've waited a year for the audiobook version of this.  It was worth waiting.  I'm addicted to Roger Wayne's voice acting.

This time the author digs up some dangly threads from the second book (excellent) and spins them into another tangled web.  I really admire how he's developed his main character, John Charming.  John isn't gaining powers and magic weapons as the books go by, as often happens in series like these.  Instead, he's trying to make a life with what he gained in terms of lovers and friends in the previous books. He's dealing with his internal issues while dealing with the difficulties around him, and he's maturing (gasp!) in a slow, natural way. His romance with Sig may have resolved the sexual tension of the first three books, but there's plenty of other relationship tension to keep things interesting.

It's also a deep delve into the world of the Templars -- and we get to see the Templars being has competent and deadly as we've been told they are (but never quite seen, since John can always best them).  We also get to meet up with new and varied magical creatures and get an idea of how they live.  I thoroughly enjoyed that.

If there's anything lacking, it's that John seems to get emotionally close only to women -- Molly (who doesn't really appear in the book, but is referenced several times) and Sig, and now his baby goddaughter Constance.  There are several male figures in his life with whom he has emotionally fraught relationships, but he holds those at an unexamined distance and any resolution in them we are told rather than shown.  I could speculate about why the author does this (or doesn't do this), but it would be just speculation.  It does appear to me to be a stark omission in the books, since there are few female characters compared to male, and John is actively trying to build a sort of family for himself.  Maybe James is saving those tensions and questions for later books.  I hope they are dealt with eventually.

I'm a big fan of the Pax Arcana series, especially in the audio book versions, and I recommend them to any reader who enjoys urban fantasy with some twists on the tropes.