Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update, short version

Stomach virus. Some OTC meds, a bland, white, starchy diet (mashed potatoes!) and lots of water are my prescription. Have eaten at last. Am waiting for headache to go away.

Catch up, short version

1) still no job. job promise. no actual contract.
2) The Husband's office is painted. Part of the hall downstairs is painted. Babysteps.
3) I am sick to my stomach. Or rather, my stomach is sick of me. Something like that. Going on 40 straight hours of near vomit, waves of pain, and assorted unpleasantness. Feels a bit like pancreatitis, but not exactly. Doctor's visit this afternoon.
4) Knitting. Purling. Knitting more. Lusting for yarn. Figuring out double pointed needles.

That is all.

Friday, July 02, 2010


Hey, didn't tell you -- The Husband and I visited teh Jammies in Ohio! Usually there's a big gather in July, but that wasn't going to work for us due to The Job situation (or the Lack of Job situation, which should resolve around the 9th, I HOPE), so we decided to make our visit early.

We didn't do a damn thing :) Well, we baked, and we ate, and we read books, and we talked a lot, and we petted dogs. The Husband took long walks with Little Miss, the Hyper Hound. I scritched Little Foot a lot. We relaxed. No big excitement, but it was relaxing. We saw Blue Herons nesting up there. The weather was pretty nice. There was little drama (well, there was a touch of drama, but it was the Technology Decides to Fail but Gets Fixed variety). In other words, a better than average vacation.

Ophelia went with us again and had a whole room to herself (instead of being tucked in the foyer with her traveling apartment. She seemed to accept it all in stride. Now she's home and back to sitting in my bathroom in front of the toilet and occasionally yelling at the wall. We do not know why.

One thing that has happened is Jammies, in her gentle way, encouraged me to take up knitting again. I gave away all my knitting stuff probably three + years ago, as I hadn't touched it in even longer. But, yeah, I stopped by the craft store, picked up a couple of basic books, some needles, and some nifty yarns. I've done up one practice swatch, unraveled it, and am starting another with a different stitch. Oooo, go me. I might even make something.

Anyway, I'm home now. We are contemplating Home Improvements -- putting in some shelving and painting the kitchen, maybe painting bathrooms, then plotting to paint more rooms as the summer creeps on. Neither of us can tolerate this beige world much longer.