Sunday, October 28, 2007

Praise the Tech

I was putting the bedsheets I washed yesterday into the dryer. I turned on the dryer. I heard this weird thumping noise. Nothing should be thumping. So I stopped the dryer and hunted around...

and found the remote control to the TV I'd been looking for.

It still works. It smells nice, too.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Stupid, It Burns

Just plain annoying, especially after reading about why we are getting dumber, is a silly Swiffer commercial.

The scene -- a courtroom. A woman is testifying. The lawyer -- apparently the prosecutor -- is asking her what she saw. She talks about the evidence being all over the floor (so clevah!). The prosecutor says "Can you point to the defendant?" She points an accusing finger at a broom sitting behind a table. "There! RIGHT there!"


Didn't they mean something else, like, oh, perpetrator? mess maker? I dunno, something that implied that the dirt on the floor was a CRIME or something?

Yeah, I know, it's a stupid commercial! What bothers me is the utter ignorance of the mistake. I'm no lawyer. What I know about courtroom procedure is from Perry Mason. But I knew that! Being a defendant does NOT mean one is guilty of anything. Innocent until proven guilty. The commercial intends to say the broom is guilty of leaving a mess behind, but all it DOES say is that the woman knows where the defendant in the courtroom is sitting.

And those implications bother me. Little breezes and all that. Little things, innocuous things, indicate where people's heads are. A TV commercial isn't the work of one person. A LOT of people work on them. Dozens of people. And none of them caught this big, fat, OBVIOUS mistake. Why is that?

Maybe because our understanding of our court system is shifting or fading? Do we now believe that to be accused is to be guilty? Courtrooms exist only as arenas, places of entertainment?

It makes me nervous, it does.

I wonder -- I've noticed commercials being edited and revised. If I sent off this little 'mistake', do you think they'd fix it?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Needing direction

I had a great post. Had this article I liked, had a link, was writing away at it, being almost funny and clever, when I realized I needed to get up and do something.

So I hit 'save now', which is SUPPOSED to save a draft of the post to the Blogger back-end/dashboard thingie, so you can work on it and publish later.

And it went up Blogger's ass, never to be seen again.

Just sorta ruined my Friday. And I have a nail in my rear tire, so I have to remove the tire, get it fixed, and put it back on (well, I get to supervise while The Husband does this, because even though I CAN, I don't WANNA). I cleaned out his van, though, and threw away the WEEK OLD HALF-A-SANDWICH that's been putrefying in a bag in the back.

Oh, and I have two Bosszilla stories, just little ones. He's been getting ambitious with the computer lately -- he does email, he prints it, and he even looks up websites for himself from time to time (I still order stuff for him on MY Amazon account -- he is SO DAMNED LUCKY I'm honest, because I HAVE his American Express Card). So, anyway, we have two little incidents today.

The first one -- he downloads an email attachment. It, of course, does NOT conveniently pop up in a bright red window saying "Here I am, Bosszilla! Here! HERE!". It does what most downloaded attachments do -- heads for the nearest inconvenient folder it can find, preferably one that's hidden and six layers down under a series of almost identically named folders. In this case, however, it managed to get to his 'My Documents' folder.

That doesn't help. He doesn't BELIEVE in 'My Documents'. Oh no, it's GONE, faster than the Easter Bunny in Santa's sleigh. Where IS it? WHY can't he FIND it? He HIT the link that said OPEN. WHAT'S THIS FUCKING COMPUTER DOING? (that's a quote).

I suggested closing a couple of the windows he had open (full screen). OH, but he didn't HAVE any windows open, just AOL. I decided that, since someone else was in the office with him, I could safely evacuate the area. I don't know how it ended, but then again, maybe I don't want to know.

The second one -- He's having a meeting and just before it, he hands me a business card for a new business venture of his. "Go to that address", he said, pointing to the bottom of the card. "I want it up for my meeting."

There is an email address and a url, but he's pointing to the email. It's still early and pre-caffeine, so I type in the email address after he leaves. It, of course, produces an error message. I check my typing -- error -- and fix it -- one of those pages where they try to sell you a web address. So I look at the thing, realize at last that it's an email, and type in the web address. The website comes up.

"No, that's not the one Mrs. Bosszilla got last night. Go to this one -- there's nothing there." I let the illogic of this go by and type in the last part of the email address, where the server is. It comes up with a mostly blank page that requires a log-in.

"This looks like a back-end site," I say in my best geekspeak. "You have to log in to get anywhere."

"No, no, that's the site for [new business venture] and there's nothing there. I'm gonna tell them we should either put something in there, or get rid of it."

"But the website is..."

"No, no, that's not OUR website, that's the main website for [business venture company]. What if someone goes to this like Mrs. Bosszilla? Why isn't something there?"

I refrain from attempting an explanation about all the strange things Mrs. Bosszilla has found online which I had to later correct or disprove. "But that's an email address, probably the server..."

Not good enough. I escaped to another office for the duration of the meeting, only to be called back up for the same thing. The OTHER members of this business venture were trying to explain the exact thing to him. He seemed much more likely to believe them, possibly because at least two of them had penises. Vaginas are stupid, you know. And that's why it was all my fault.

Oh, and one little extra story about Mrs. Bosszilla. She's a perfectly nice woman, and she HAS to be somewhat intelligent. But she had Bosszilla delegate a little project for some charity work she's doing -- a series of plain, square signs, white with black text. She had a list of what text was required. At the bottom of the list was this note:

Arrows -- three right, three left.

I was proofing the signs when I got to the arrows. They were simple arrows, like this:

She'd drawn a little picture.

Three right.

Three left.

As if printing one arrow six times and then ROTATING them might be too difficult. I can only hope that the signs don't get shifted around before she gets them, or she may never figure out which arrow is which...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fool Your Eyes

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena

A collection of optical illusions including explanations of how and why they work, with some interactivity so you can see how the illusion fools the eye.

A perfect procrastination tool. It's educational, too!

The Right Brain vs Left Brain | The Daily Telegraph

The Right Brain vs Left Brain | The Daily Telegraph

Stolen without shame from Czeltic Girl.

After a minute or so, I can make her twirl in either direction. It's sort of fun, but I don't know what it means, except that apparently the problems I have telling right from left are consistent.

Or I'm a soooper genius.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sticky Gooey Romance

Today is our 14th anniversary of the day we went to the courthouse and got government sanction of our relationship for purposes of property, inheritance and taxation.

THEY call it 'marriage', but with all the current controversy, I'm not using that word here. Marriage indicates a religious or societal/cultural sanctioning of a relationship, and the state shouldn't come near that with a 20 foot borrowed pole. Besides, that happened later.

So, today The Husband took me to our favorite local bistro for lunch. Glynne took it upon herself to do incredible special food for us -- roastbeef and wasabi rolls on spinach, Gorgonzola torts, and avocado/mint pea soup. I can't even begin to tell you how good it was, but there's something about wasabi that makes Gorgonzola too good to be true. She finished with a piled high chocolate cake decorated with strawberries, so rich that we could only eat half.

And - best of all -- The Husband had a replacement of my engagement necklace made. I had a lovely gold disc pendent that was lost/stolen during a hotel stay for Dragon*Con. I was hearthbroken that it was gone. I've missed it. Now I have a new one. It's a little smaller, but all the more precious to me. I have to get a good chain for it. I want it to have a dedicated chain (I have a couple that I trade out pendents).

I have the best Husband I could possibly have, the only one I ever want.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh! The Humanities!

First load moved to the future home-town area. We rented a trailer, loaded about half the storage unit's contents into it, and hauled it north. Next week, we do it again, only with a bigger trailer (we got the small one for this, as a practice run). We were thinking about keeping the Florida unit to stage out the house emptying, but considering we have a 10 x 20 in the northern unit for about $2o more than the 10 x 10 at home, we've decided it would be smarter to empty it and just pack into and out of the garage.

My back hurts.

Lesseeee...met up with someone I know from Goodreads, a very nice lady and author, Laura Stamps. I have her new book on my reading list. We caught up for a quick meal and conversation. I like making those connections from the interwebinet to the world of flesh and smells.

This move was MOSTLY books, which are heavy and yet delicate, and expensive to haul via a moving company. We did NOT go through every single box of the 30+ that made the trip. We only went through about 10, looking for a book The Husband needed (which we didn't find) and only removing about 10 books we realized we can't live without (5 for each, with one of mine technically shared). At this point, we are trying to plan contingency-wise while keeping our thoughts positive. The house WILL sell, and it will sell soon (that's the positive thought). If, however, some snag occurs and I have to remain behind to handle things while The Husband goes north to start classes, we want to have as much of the house emptied as we can, preferably already moved north. So, the books I have out right now may constitute my entire library for a while, (and I still have some shelves to pack down...*sigh*). It's hard to be both optimistic and prepared for the worst.

What books did I rescue from storage unit confinement? My copy of Good Poems, which I have been surprisingly lost without, a copy of Between Heaven and Earth which is on Chinese 5 element medicine/philosophy, and the first three of the Diane Duane 'Young Wizards' series that I want to read/reread.

I know, I know, like the 150 or so books I have at the house aren't enough. THEY MIGHT NOT BE!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

There In Your Car

Calif. bans smoking in cars with kids

I remember how I hated driving anywhere with my mom. I'd crack the window and press my face against it to get smoke-free air. Her smoking was the biggest factor in my not wanting to do things with her.

However, I'm sure that there will be many an outcry at this encroachment on the sacred ground of The Car. I think most of us view our cars as extensions of our personal space, part of our kingdom where we make the rules and control everything.

I'm still awaiting a ban on cell phone use in cars. Of everything people do in cars, that's the one I see the most when I see someone do something stupid while driving. The Husband and I now automatically look to see if the person who cut us off, turned improperly, failed to signal, wandered around the lane, braked suddenly, or almost hit us is talking blithely away with a cell phone plastered to his or her head. We see it so often that I'm now surprised when I don't see it. I have gotten to the point where I won't pick up my phone if I'm driving.

The Husband isn't so strict with himself, especially since his phone gets online maps. I can't convince him that he's doing those same scary things when HE drives trying to look at his phone or when trying to dial or talk to someone. Like most guys, he KNOWS he has super powers.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Eh, It Was Mighty

Ok, so, we went to what is probably our last Necronomicon. If it wasn't for going out to dinner each night with some of the greatest people in the world, it would have been about as thrilling as watching paint dry.

Here are pictures. I have nothing to add really.

Ok, I lied. Is this not a very cool Godzilla costume? Was my favorite thing for the whole con.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's never enough

Tomorrow we drive halfway across the state (lucky for us, Florida is a very narrow state, and we are at the narrower bit of it) to Tampa for Necronomicon.

Yes, I know, we did this last year and the year before. You guys don't miss a trick, do you?

Of course, someone will want to see the house while we are gone. Someone wanted to see the house last weekend when we were down south. Therefore, no panic cleaning and final tidying and removal of catsmells could be done. Thus, we were told the house was "too cluttered" (I left two dishes that didn't get clean in the dishwasher on the counter) and "smelled of cat" (it had been 24 hours since I cleaned the cat boxes).

I mean, my house is currently cleaner (and has been cleaner longer) than it has been in the entire 15 years I've lived here, INCLUDING when my mother-in-law was about to arrive. *sigh*

But, after this weekend, we start shuttling our belongings out of our over-full storage unit to a new storage unit further north. Then we will start pulling yet more things out of the house and putting them INTO the storage unit, which will result in a steadily less cluttered/more empty house. At some point we will either be moving or we will be living with a chair, a bed, and a folding table.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok, So...I'm Awake.

The trip to Ft. Lauderdale was most worthwhile. The time spent with Kevin was all that -- food, cats, Godzilla, mockery -- what more could I want? Well, a bookstore, but on the whole, I think I might get that tonight, and even though it won't be a shiny new bookstore I'd never gotten fingerprints on, it will still be one.

Oh, and I think Hobgoblin will eventually recover from the trauma, but other members of the Hidden City CatHorde may be for ever scarred. I pet cats, and I make 'em like it.

Oh, and a Japanese Fusion Salsa/Frenchfry salad? Just off load that at my house and I'll get back to you (Kev, do they make that for take out? In gallon buckets?)

The flight down was bumpy but FAST. The drive home was bumpy and SLOW (comparatively). Nothing special to report -- no one questioned my choices in liquids in little containers, no one tried to confisticate my death-weapon hairstick, and while they tried to keep my shoes, eventually I persuaded them that, really, there wasn't much to x-ray. I did manage to loose a heel-cap somewhere. Maybe they removed it checking my hollow heels for explosives. I didn't even know the heels on those shoes was hollow.

Anyway, I'm home again for a bit. Next week, we are at Necronomicon in Tampa. After that, we start shuttling our belongings to the More-North-Than-This lands. Lots of travel this month.

And now I'm awake after a night of odd dreaming (won't even go into it. Too odd.) and I feel JUST like I spend 4 hours in a car and got home about midnight and have no caffeine in the I might have to go hunting for a Diet Pepsi somewhere.