Monday, August 27, 2007

A Paradox, A Paradox, A Most Peculiar Paradox

The days are passing too quickly for getting anything useful done, yet slowly enough that I can see myself wasting time. Isn't that a paradox?

I'm trying to read, trying to write, trying to continue the de-homing of the house, trying to clean. Mostly I'm staring at things, or pretending not to stare. There's some day dreaming going on.

Pooty started his medication today. He liked it (hurray!) and then vomited it up shortly afterwards. We shall try it with some food this evening.

The weekend was spent catching up with friends and spending time eating. Eating was good. The Husband is doing all things mushroom.

It's too hot to move, too hot to think or breathe or even sleep. August is going too quickly, but it can't get over with soon enough. Isn't that a paradox?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Crest of the Wave

Look, I don't read Slate. I don't read anymore. I don't read The Onion. I don't follow celebrity anythings. I occasionally count how many times a particular face shows on the tabloids as I'm checking out groceries. I just don't have the kind of energy to weave through those layers of hip-with-itness. I'm old and slow and my cynicism is well worn. So I'm always way behind whatever rising trend is going around. I have friends who do all that work for me.

And they point me to things like this from which I extract an ecstatic little quote:

Sure, it uses the death of thousands on 9/11 as a rationale for running a picture of a half-naked Angelina Jolie. But look, if we can't exploit 9/11 when we need to add a little gravitas to that silver sheet between Angelina's thighs, the terrorists win, right?

If this is one of the dizzy pinnacles of our culture, maybe so. At least I have some vague idea where the crest of the wav was.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cat Thoughts

Pooty has hyperthyroidism. He seems to be in the early stages of it, so we are considering treatment options. Pills first, to see if that helps, then surgery second. The "gold standard" of radioactive iodine treatment isn't within our price range, no matter how much we love him. $1500 is sort of high. Hell, I'd be reluctant to spend that on me.

LaGuz is, thankfully, not hyperthyroid. Her tests came back with lower levels than last time.

Think good thoughts for my Prince of the House.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Won't Steal Thunder, But I'll Stand in the Rain

One of my favorite Good Reads people has a blog, and today he posted something that just made him even more a favorite person.

Likable Wilma

Especially for those of you who aren't sure how you feel about poetry...

Mid August Doldrums

Nothing much going on worth typing, but I'll go through the motions.

1) The new colors are picked and we will be engaged all of Labor Day weekend in laboring. Wee. Still, if it helps sell the house, it will be worth it. Will mean new photos.

2) Bought new books, read half of them.

3) Stress induced breathing problems annoy the shit out of me. Being stressed about it isn't helping. Stressed about being I love my circular thinking.

4) Cats seem ok. Still waiting on results on Pooty and LaGuz.

5) Packing up more stuff. Again, wee.

6) Trying to write. Ideas are buzzing in my head like bees. Not much success with transferring bees to paper.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Hokay, it's official. Having my books packed up is making me crazy. It's been over 2 months now, and it is not getting any better.

I don't know how many times in the last 4 weeks I've thought "Oh, I can look that up in this book" or "Wow, I want to read that section" or "Hey, I can quote this from the book" only to realize the book is IN A BOX and that box is stacked IN THE GARAGE and it would take a titanic effort to even dig around for it, much less locate the specific book.

The Husband has already stated he expects to live surrounded by bookcases where ever it is we move. He says he will build them if need be. I'm thinking a nice set around the headboard of the bed would be attractive.

Update: MIL and The Husband just took a lot of boxes from the garage to put in a storage unit. I know they took boxes of books (and left behind boxes of dishes) because they just went from the nearest end. Still, I got physically sick when I realized it. It's stupid, but true. I could just about vomit right now. I didn't think they would do that, but of course they would.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Matters of Taste

Ok, yesterday's stress is abating (after much chocolate and deep breathing). I have exorcised those stranger vibes from my house.

But before I let everything go completely, let me give you a taste of what happened.

All these people tromp through my house, looking in the closets and making comments. Before they leave, they write some comments on a sheet and leave them behind. The comments are supposed to be professional real estate salesperson advice on how best to present our house for sale. Most of it was just that.

Some of it was the farting of people with, I imagine, permanent digestive upset. One commanded us to get rid of our pets. Another insisted we rid ourselves of most furniture (75%, in fact, leaving us with the bed, a chair each, and possibly a dresser, I guess.) One person said "If they are moving, why haven't they packed anything?" (this person obviously didn't look into the garage). And one extremely helpful comment was "I can't imagine living like this, but I guess they're happy."

Professional, don't you think? I could tell our realtor thought so, too, when she handed the sheets to me after it was over. However, she's the one who has to deal with these people, not me. I'm taking a positive position. Those nasty comments were obviously the only ones those people could come up with -- meaning that they had nothing helpful to say. I feel some pity for whomever is so unlucky as to become their clients.

We are going to make some changes. We are repainting that color I'd already fallen out of love with (paint chips hang on the wall right now, waiting like beauty show contestants). We are going to repaint the guest bathroom and The Husband's office, both of which are admittedly extreme (and, I think, lovely and fun to have, but...) We are continuing to pack -- I've got boxes awaiting me. The garage and storage room get harsh treatment this weekend. As for the rest -- the cats stay. The furniture will be packed up when we get a contract on the house, biyotch.

And, after all that, I'm riding my NEW BICYCLE! Yes, yes, I have a lovely new bike that I've ridden three days this week already. It's burgundy and black, it's comfortable, and I'm working my way toward being able to ride it for more than 20 minutes....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Strangers in my House

We just had a broker showing of our house.

I was writing about it when, mysteriously, Blogger made my post disappear.

I am not in the mood to write it again. I am in the mood to either throw up or get very inebriated. Actually, if I did the second, I might do the first.

Maybe I'd feel better.

More when I'm not quite so stressed.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today was Sponsered by the word FREAK

Freakity freak freak freak!

I dunno, that's just the word I've got today. Perhaps because I've spoken to no one but cats since late last night.

Ok, Scott has, in his nefarious way, tagged me for a meme, and because I've thrown memes at him several times and because I sure as freak have nothing else worth saying, I'll do it. But I will eventually get him for it.

Eight Random Things About Me

1. I hate long toenails. Hate 'em. Long toenailed freaks! Thus, I have ingrown toenails ON PURPOSE.

2. I'm married to a long toenailed freak. When he clips them (with the big, industrial grade clippers) they SPROINK out and hit the cats. He earns points for how high the cats jump. If they hit me, though, he has to sleep on the couch.

3. I collect bookmarks, not because they have neat pictures or sayings on them, but because I stop in the middle of a book and start another book. I USE them. (I prefer Book Bungees).

4. As for as I am concerned, the Levenger Catalog is Reader Porn. Gimme. Then leave.

5. It's really sad how much I love those old Hanna-Barbara superhero cartoons from the 60's. No, I mean, it is REALLY sad. You don't know how sad, and I'm not going to tell you unless there's Reader Porn involved.

6. I have fallen out of love with one of the colors painted on my living room walls. I don't know that I ever really did love it. Maybe it was just a fling. I didn't know how to tell it the truth, but, man, it's over.

7. As a kid, I got through math class by imagining the numbers had personalities and relationships. 2 is the motherly type. 4 is her dashing son. 8 is in love with 4, but 4 really has a thing for 6, and 6 is so blonde she doesn't really get it and wants 10. 9 is just jealous. 7 has a mustache and a bad attitude, and is stringing 3 along.

8. I really do read dictionaries for entertainment. I can't help it. I wish I'd thought of marking the words I looked up in my first dictionary, but I didn't until I saw "...say anything" and I'll be damned if I copy off of Ione Skye.

There. Happy now? FREAK!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Popcorn and Mockery

Not a lot going on around here. House cleaning (wow, new "magic mits" for picking up cat hair on the couch!), more rounds of touching up paint, trying not to buy "replacement" things for stuff that is packed up somewhere and we miss (now we have the excuse of "hey, it makes the house look nicer so maybe it will sell better". You know, sale magic logic.) I'm battling with Ben over the Thou Shalt Not Be a Cat Sitting On the Dining Room Table -- I have a new squirt bottle. Did you know that the old fashioned pistol shaped trigger pump squirt gun is no more? Not even in bright clear purple plastic.

Husband and I went to the doctor for annual physicals while we still have insurance. *I* have a Urinary Tract Infection. Who knew? I sure didn't. Not a clue. My past history with these is that you tend to notice. I haven't actually had one in, oh, 18 years, so maybe I've forgotten. But I thought for sure I would notice something like that. Lots of water and a 3 day anti-whatever prescription.

Mostly I'm having fun on GoodReads. I've even read a few books! If I sent you an invite that you accepted, but you haven't added any books or gotten involved in the groups, you are MISSING OUT.

Oh, and the last bit of something. My 4 disc set of Space Ghost/Dino Boy/Birdman/The Galaxy Trio arrived. There will be much retro cartoon mocking around here. Bring your own popcorn.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summary - first week of August


Typed an easy dozen+ letters for Bosszilla. Listened to him sing while he roamed the office. While his singing isn't awful and it means he's in a good mood, good moods never last.

The Blister broke last night of natural causes. Am now in the Bandaid-raw finger stage.

Must reclean the house. Won't stay clean.

FINISHED READING TWO BOOKS. You wanna know, you gotta go to to GoodReads.

Watched "I, Robot". Eh. Creepy attack robot sequences.

Made chili. Ate chili. Burped delicious chili burps.