Sunday, May 28, 2006


Bleah. Haven't been to many cons as dull as this one was. There were people, yes, there were, but they weren't buying our stuff. Feh and bleah and phoeey.

On the other hand, I bought and read books. I saw Piers Anthony and he's a little guy. Steven Brust smokes too much because you can smell it, but he's nice, if funny looking (what's with the hat? Is that "Signature style"?) I bought and read "Howl's Moving Castle" which I very much liked, and I got Dita von Teese's double sided photo book Burlesque/Fetish. Beautiful photos, lots and lots of stuff I'd never in a million years wear even if paid, but certain friends of mine just HAVE to see this book. Talk about costumes! Certain friends of mine will NEVER see this book because I want to keep it nice and unsticky. Picked up some other oddball books -- a new Charles de Lint, an SF trivia book, a Sherlock Holmes trivia, Brust's latest Trilogy which I'd entirely missed, maybe another book or two that aren't popping immediately to mind.

Any weekend I buy books isn't completely wasted. Not COMPLETELY.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Long Weekend

The Husband and I will be working at OASIS 19 this weekend -- that's a local SF convention. They've got some good authors lined up (Steven Brust) or at least famous ones (Piers Anthony). And the show is generally pleasant because it is LOCAL and we see friends but can still go home.

If you are in the area, drop by and see what's going on.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The horror! O! The horror!

Finally got to hear the recording from the last concert.

Can you say "Crappy Sound System"? Yeah, but you won't ever recognize what you said.

Anyway, I know there will eventually be a better version of it, but for now, here is me and Miss P singing "Summertime" on a very lousy sound system recording.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I filled the birdfeeder outside my window yesterday. The golden rain tree has grown fast and is alerady giving a good shade. The feeder has attracted a pair of mourning doves, some blue jays, and one bright scarlet cardinel.

It has also called to the local squirrel. Those little grey brown rodents are not yet common in our neighborhood. The trees are just now getting large enough. But they do like my bird feeder, and the cats like the squirrels. So do I, really. They are greedy and messy, and they knock the birdfeeder over after they've dug out the peanuts and sunflower seeds. This only bothers me. The birds will eat the millet off the ground.

Ben was trying to watch the squirrels perched on my laptop desk. This desk is someone's funky idea of optimal efficiency, in that it has three sections. One is intended to hold a drink and a snack, so it folds down from the back of the main part of the desk, to be flat in relation to the slant of the main desk. This is where Ben likes to sit, although inevitably it will give way under him and dump him on the floor.

Right now there is a black and pink volume of scholarly essays on Sexuality and Victorian Literature on that corner. Ben tried to sit on it, but it was slippery. So he tried to jump to the rocking chair. His rear paws, pushing off, found no purchase and so he executed a graceful leap straight down onto the dog. She's been landed on by cats before and didn't really notice. Ben hid under the rocking chair until he could convincingly pull off an "I MEANT to do that" expression and then become deeply interested in the squirrel. The squirrel is an all purpose excuse for any number of clutzy manuervers executed by the cats today.

That squirrel just climbed into the tree and is heading for the roof. I have three cats in rapt attention, all vibrating with squirrel killing intensity, following with syncronized heads the squirrel's stop-start progress and straining at the window screen. I shall have to buy peanuts for the bird feeder and some reinforcements for the window.

Monday, May 15, 2006

What be goin' on?

Nothing. No Thing. There is very little reportable taking place in my life, dear readers (both of you). I have seen little worth commenting upon. I have done even less. I am about as sharp and focused as a balloon (it took three tries to type the word "focus"). Even the otters are kinda dull today.

I've stories half done, somewhat done, a little done, almost done except for... and so forth.

I'm a little whiny, in case that wasn't apparent. There is neither bad nor good going on around here.

I'm trying to eat properly. That is, I have reintroduced myself to vegetables but have not sword off chocolate. Maybe this is what balanced eating feels like. Maybe this is why I've avoided it so long.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the hotel

Ok, things are slowly moving back into place. The house is suspiciously clean -- anyone would think actual people lived here.

I'm deep in a Raymond Chandler reading phase. If you want me, I'm hanging with Phillip Marlowe in 1940's Los Angeles, loving the metaphors and the mysteries.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not Dead Yet

No, not dead. I owe people boxes of stuff, I have stories half written, I have projects going on, I have a show in two weeks, I have to get the house a little less crusty.

Thus, the weblog, she languishes.

But I still love you all.