Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Own Bed

Home safely, slept well, and am currently surrounded by cats in rotating shifts. Eventually have to get my ass moving and doing laundry (endless laundry!) Then, back to the usual stuff -- rehearsal,writing, work, maybe even *gasp* cleaning.

And Scott says he's still talking to me. Yay! Severina needs a geekboy, tho. Any volunteers?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Close Encounters of the Offline and Twisted Kind

Met Scott and Severina last night. They had some difficulties with transportation so we treated them to Chinese and hung around our hotel room. I've talked to Scott for a couple of years online, and he's always struck me as smart, funny, a little twisted, and basically shy. He's also pretty sweet. I think I made him nervous, but then, I always think that.

Right on the nose, there. Damn, I'm amazing.

His sister, Severina, is also twisted and sharp. I liked her. We ate our delivery Chinese food and exchanged true stories of cat poop, opinions about Chiully and the Craftsman art movement. We made her laugh to see if rice would pop out of her nose. It didn't, but Scott was holding out hope for later.

We all share a last name, and they both exibit the asslessness so prevalent in my dad's side of the family. After a few minutes discussion, we determined we are probably, if distantly, related, and none of us seemed upset with that idea. Of course, Scott was completely sleep deprived and a little rain shriveled (I'll let him tell that story) so I don't know how much of all this he remembers. But I am going to mail Severina some books once I get home.

That's7 people I've met because of my weblog, and I'm hoping this year increases that number, because, of that 7, I've had a great time with 6 of them. That's not a bad average.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Report From The Room

I have purchased for myself a Plushy Godzilla. Press his tummy and he roads AND his eyes flash red.

I have completed a life goal now.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Big Truck

So we are driving to Richmond, VA. We are doing a show, so we are in the mini-van, the new (to us) Town & Country that MIL traded to us because she's got a new (to her) one that's even swankier. Love the new van, it has a 5 disc CD changer and no more bench seat.

I was passing this 18 wheeler, ok? On 95? I was way over the speed limit but this guy made me nervous because he'd changed lanes 5 times already, without using a signal. and his trailor swayed when he did. So I wanted past him because when you see a potential accident, you want it BEHIND you. Besides, this is 95 and after driving on it for an hour you quickly understand the speed limit is a SUGGESTION and you are PISSING PEOPLE OFF behind you if you don't MOVE YOUR ASS.

So I decide to pass him. And I'm right beside him, moving up. I can see his cab. I never ride in a truck's blind spots. I can see his mirrors, so he theoretically can see me. Then I notice, the way you notice a really big wave coming for you on the beach, that the trailor was getting closer and bigger and closer and BIGGER and...idiot was moving into my lane! With me still in it! I can SEE him -- I can see his mirrors, I can see the cab door. If he'd look over his shoulder, he could see ME -- I'm not in a Miata, I'm in a Chrysler Mini-Van! I swerve onto the shoulder and lay onto the horn. I can't stop, there are a lot of cars behind me, I'll get creamed. He's still coming. Big truck. Two objects, one location, physics -- you know. I'm rolling along the GRASS -- and there isn't much of it, there is a nice deep ditch and I'm driving a mini-van -- and at last he NOTICES and swerves back to the right. I hit brakes and get back into my lane (luckily the guy behind me noticed and slowed down). Then I switched into the slow lane.

He moved back into the left lane. No signal. No slowing down.

Scared? No kidding. I was scared. I had to remember how to breath. Then we watched this guy speed up and change back the right lane. No signal. But he does have a 1-800 number on the rear of the trailor. The Husband called it. We trailed him. And the driver knew. I wasn't passing him, not a chance. He hit his brakes, dropping from about 80mph to 40, trying to make me pass him (or rear end him). He switched lanes again and again -- he actually used his signal ONCE. The trailor was swaying. Finally, the Husband got through, reported this guy, and hung up. He didn't want me to pass this guy either, but we were nervous following him -- you know, accident waiting to happen? But I was scared he'd really try to cream me if I pulled passed him. I didn't know what was up -- was he tired, running late, hyped on speed, or just an asshole? Finally a line of cars went by, I got into it, and we trained by, one of many, not so easy to target. And I beat feet to get WAY ahead of him.

And that was the exciting part of our trip.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boss Curse Bingo

Bosszilla has been rampaging at assorted people via phone this week. Yesterday, R was using the conference room for an audit while I was there (my office is a corner of the conference room). About 11;30, as Bosszilla began going off about something, I started mentally counting...1 fuckin', 1 ass, 2 fuckin', 3 fuckin' ..

I looked at R, who was trying very hard to concentrate. "How many did you count?"

He didn't even look up. "Are we counting the God Damns?"

"Yeah, sure." We were silent, listening to the storm brewing just across the hall.

"That was 5 fuckin's...no, 6..."

"7....was that the second or third ass?"

"9...10...11...2 God Damns..."

"I should make up cards..."

Total score at lunch time -- 17 Fuckin's, 6 Ass, 5 God Damns.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

This week's agenda

Leaving for Richmond, VA on Thursday. Will be there until Sunday (as far as I know). Will be at RavenCon (where ever there website is). All stalkers welcome. Also anyone who wants to meet for dinner either Friday or Saturday evenings.

I'll be running in ever decreasing circles until departure time, trying to get shit packed up. Yay me.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Subversive Singing

The chorus got music for next concert last night. We are doing some painful things (an Elton John medly, for one) but the worst by far is a medly of Disney songs -- with subverted "gay" themed lyrics. Only two are actually completely rewritten, but after them (they are first) the rest of the songs take on a whole new meaning, even with the original lyrics.

On one hand, it's funny. On another, it's a little offensive. Not because I'm not gay, but because I'm female, and all the songs were rewritten with a decidedly male slant. NONE of them have room for a female perspective -- and there are at least 8-10 women in the chorus. It sort of bothers me to be so excluded.

Ah well. I'm in a mood to be easily offended right now. Spring does that to me.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Off Stage

And another concert weekend is over. I'm tired -- I didn't go to work today -- but I'm happy. We start rehearsal again on Wed for the next concert in 8 weeks. Gonna be a long haul.

Everything went well. If you missed it, too bad, because it was really a stellar concert.

Now, I'm going back to staring vacantly at the television.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

One down

Concert -- still exhausting. Miss P and I are jumping around to make all our entrances, hoping we remember words (and making them up when we don't) and generally wearing out on this whole showing up every 10 minutes. I'm going to hide in the back row next concert, I swear I am.

Other than a weird thing with my ankle -- it started hurting and swelling before the concert and was a problem all through, really addin to the fun, I'm getting a brace today so it can't pull the same shit the second time -- everything went reasonably well. At least, the audience seemed to enjoy it. Sol and Mrs. Sol appeared and expressed their sentiments (which did not involve throwing things at me) so it was happy.

Ugh. Now to gather sufficient energy to do it again tonight.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

On with the Show

Tech rehearsal -- exhausting. Singing with the mics is always confusing, especially since there are no monitors and we can't hear a damn thing. It's not so bad with the full chorus, but with the ensembles, it's REALLY HARD.

Knees and hips hurt. Much painkiller. Much water.

And I'm wearing a panty girdle. I feel so 40.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

more fugitive news

Teen arrested in Apopka shooting case - Orlando Sentinel : Lake County News

This looks like the story

The Fugitive

Tonight on the way home from rehearsal, we noticed lots of flashy blue and red lights blocking off the main road home. We thought there was an accident ahead, so we turned down a side road to go in the back way.

More blue and red flashy lights there. We go past them. More lights along the road, and then more, and then, at the entrance to the subdivision that connects to ours, we are stopped by a deputy. There's a fugitive running around the area. They are hunting for him.

We drive home, with at least three more sheriff's deputies stationed along the way. We go into the house one at a time, lock all the windows, check the doors, and turn on the outside lights. I hear the helecopters going over time and time again.

It's a little freaky, ya know?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It Is Official

We are going to San Diego.

We'll be there for about 6 days, over the weekend of ComicCon San Diego.

That is all.

Ammendment: We are going in July. Show up and show off!

Monday, April 03, 2006

I was a pillow

which wasn't actually what I intended to type, but more correctly expresses the event I am trying to describe.

I am currently sleep deprived. I can tell because

1) I'm sleepy as hell
2) I'm not asleep, but in fact typing into my computer
3) I don't particularily care about typos
5) I can only keep one eye open at a time

I hate this whole time shift thingie. Yeah, it's all arbitrary, this segmenting and labeling of something so abstract as time. All we are talking about, really, is messing with clocks. No one has touched Time. It continues, pooling and flowing and rushing along. But the clocks, now, the clocks are irritating.

Anyway, last night was the night when the Lost Hour of Spring really got annoying. Neither The Husband nor I were sleeping very well -- we have struggled to avoid turning on the a/c and so things were warm and sticky in a not-fun way. I was not sleeping at all and he was having a restless kick-n-snore session on the other side of the bed, which he decided to take on tour through my part of the bed. I went into my office for a while, attempted sleeping, didn' t manage it, played on the computer, got bored because I really wanted to be asleep, went back to the bed, waited through an encore performance of "This Bed Is My Bed", went back to the office, and then, when I still didn't sleep and a guilt ridden Husband followed me and offered to sleep on the couch, went back to bed long enough to sleep for roughly 2 hours -- maybe 2 and a half.

So any minute now I'm going to realize I can get into the bed and go to sleep NOW if I want to...any minute now....wait for it....just wait...