Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A post to just...well...post

Lesseee, what's going on?

I am less than lukewarm about the upcoming chorus concert, which is Not Good. In part it was because there was a Little Too Much Drama this time, and I feel very disconnected and non-essential. In part it's just not feeling terribly involved. I don't feel like my presence or absense makes any difference. If not for Husband's insistance that I maintain it as an activity, and my commitments to the two ensembles, I'd bow out about now. I'm not currently enjoying it. I'm not interested. I'm not preparing. My thoughts are elsewhere. That's too bad, because I usually enjoy the chorus. Feh. It won't make a bit of difference, really, so I'll get through it one way or another.

We are building a new book case for the living room. You see, our house is rather oddly laid out, in part because Husband never intended to live in it that long, and in part because he was a bachelor whose home was his mother's vacation home. So, things are situated to make, in effect, two suites that share a common central area. Once I appeared, I screwed up all his plans, and we've been trying to remake the house ever since. Our bedroom has two doors, one into the library and one directly into the living room. That second door is blocked off on one side by the dog's crate, and on the other by a large chair, since to use it eats up a big portion of the living room, and it's an awkward door anyway. So, we are finaly hiding that door with a book case. Doors people can't open always invite comment, and everyone wants to open them. They are irresistable. So, it will become the Secret Door. One day we may remove it and simply make a wall, but this is easier for now.

Still writing. It's what I think about most of the time, now. I want to finish this book. Yeah, it's a book. I officially declare it The Book. Looks like I have a good chance of meeting my November 30th goal of 60,000 words, and I think I can have it finished (as in ready for the first real edit) by mid December, Christmas at the latest. Someone else will be reading it before the new year.

Nothing Else going on, really. Still got Max, still got floor, still got Husband, still got friends, debating how much actual decoration I'm going to do (love the decorating, but the house is in shambles, sooo)

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