Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Project, step one, part b

The first packet of information arrived today. I feel like I did in highschool, when I was getting all kinds of fancy mail from schools who liked my PSAT scores. The presentations have gotten more elegant, I think. I'm impressed by heavy stationary, too.

First one. Goddard College, a fairly prestigious school in the cloistered universe of the MFA, or so I understand. Inside the very nice, multi-flapped folder with a corrugated front cover and the words "At the Heart of your Mind" is a letter to me from the admissions office, welcoming my inquiry and being so nice and interested.

I'm daunted right off. It's been a long time since anyone tried that particular tone of voice on me. Six years ago, in fact. I bought a car.

Then there's a list of what it costs. Well, at least it's under 4 digits, with nothing after the decimal point. Even with travel expenses and residency fees (since this is a low residency program) my car cost more. A lot more. Still...erk! That's a lot of house payments. That's three big-screen LED TVs with a pack of new DVDs.

I haven't even girded my loins to look at the requirements for application. I'm just enjoying the corrugated paper on the folder. I'm thinking about my list of programs yet to contact. I'm looking at the AWP program guide book I just got and thinking "I want my MFA. I want my MFA." And yes, it's Sting's voice, with Mark Knopfler's guitar, in the background.

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