Friday, May 20, 2005

Home and Adventure's End

Long, completely uneventful drive (except for a maroon 18 wheeler who seemed to have it in for me -- why tailgate me, than pass me (in the right lane -- I was in the center and no one was in the left) only to get in front of me and SLOW THE HELL DOWN?!?!?!?

Happily he/she/it had to pull off at a weigh station.

I barely even remember the drive, except there are lots of wildflowers blooming right now and I have a headache and at least one cat is visibly happy to see me. The others gave me the "Oh, you're home? Would you be a dear and see about the food bowl?" looks. I've also got a new flatscreen monitor and scanner/copier/printer humming along, woo hoo. The Husband went Shopping...going to go see if lying in my own bed will eliminate the headache.

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