Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Why I'm Stupid

I believe in the magic of the Pre-Order.

Just like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, I somehow have never completely given up on the myth that, if I order my super special game or DVD or book when whoever offers me a Pre-Order, it will show up ON THE RELEASE DATE.

This isn't true. It's blatantly not true. If you are also among the believers, I must point out that pre-release orders do NOT show up on the release day. They show up two or three days later, depending on how what kind of shipping you requested. If you absolutely have to have it FIRST, RIGHT NOW, THIS INSTANT, go sit in the Electronics Department at the 24 hour Wal-Mart. Or camp at Best Buy.

Because there is nothing magical about the Pre-Order.

I know you won't accept this. I can't quite make myself accept it either, even though it's proven to me time and time again. Every Single Time I order something before it is released -- when I give some company my money to hold without having anything in return except a promise -- I somehow believe that I'm Special. I'm more loved than you are, you who run the risk that all the copies of whatever wonderful thing will e gone when you get there.

The copies, stacked high and wide in the stores, mock me when I walk by, because I've already paid for the pre-order. It's on its way. Oh, I COULD just buy the copy that's sitting in front of me. I could take it home NOW. But then I'd have two, and no matter how cool a game, DVD or book is, having two does not make them cooler. It makes for a pre-bought Christmas present that a target friend might already have, or would never ever want, but that's about all the cool it can have. Ain't Much.

Why do I continue to believe? Why do I sit and wait for my pre-order when everyone else who DIDN'T pre-order already has their copy of The Matrix III, Babylon 5 final season, Kill Bill vol. 1, or City of Heros? Hmm? Can someone explain it to me?

Oh, yeah. I'm stupid.

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