Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Brain Twitch

I am losing my tiny, little mind.

I was trying to expose a hidden folder on my work computer, so I selected the properties and clicked the "hidden" button. It asked me if I wanted to change the settings on my system. I don't really like hidden folders, so I said "yes".

Everything on my system dissappeared.

After I dug my tongue out of the back of my throat, I started poking around. Everything was still THERE -- I hadn't managed to magically format my harddrive and yet keep Windows running -- but my tool bars and menus were all gone. It was shocking. It was alarming. What had I done?

I poked and peeked and probed for about 10 minutes before the shock wore off and I remembered that if it was all still there, then I just needed to change a setting. I found the right menu, and looked at it. Somehow, I had hidden every single file on my computer. My power to fuck myself over amazed me. I clicked the little box, said yes to the global application question, and watched my icons and menus reappear like I was watching New York City awaken after a blackout. I hugged my monitor. I rolled around my office in my super wheelie chair and sang songs of praise to computer heros gone by. I toasted them with my Diet Pepsi. The receptionist crept to my door and watched me, carefully sheltered by the doorjam, until she got scared and had to answer a call.

I still haven't found the stupid folder I was looking for in the first place, but I really don't care anymore. Whatever it had in it can't be that important.

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