Monday, April 19, 2004

Addiction part 1

Ok, we stopped playing around 2 am this morning. We've got laptops and the comfiest spots are in the bedroom, so that's where we were. The major part of the weekend was spent staring at the computer and going "Whoo hoo!" and "Damn!" at intervals.

You'd think I'd have other things to do with my husband in my bedroom.

So far today I have not logged in. I only talked about it once. I have a book to read. I'm GOING TO READ MY BOOK.


Really, book....I don't NEED to play any of my slick, cool, nifty superheros. I've got a whole stable of them that will be wiped out when the BETA ends, so why give it all my time? I'll be able to play long after I'm really sick of it, right? I can read a book now. Realy, I'm fine. I'm going to read my book. It doesn't need to fly or have cool special abilities or make neat noise. I can read my book and I'll be just fine.

Why won't my leg stop jittering?

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