Monday, June 13, 2016

Go Read This

Oh, and this says important stuff.

Male Rape is No Joke

Rape victims can be ANYONE.  There are no particular protections from rape provided by social or economic class, race, gender, location, education, body type, or age.  Rape is about power over another person. treating a human as a thing.  It is about causing pain, humiliation, and trauma.  It is about power.  It's not even about sexual power, but power pure and unmixed with qualifiers or excuse.

That the rapist is often the one more subject to the protections (or lack thereof) provided by race, gender, age, sociol-economic level, public status, etc. is just more evidence of what rape is not.  For those people who our culture on the whole sees as rightfully and deservedly powerful, who embody power (in this case, white males) they can never really be rapists or rape victims -- they can't take power from someone because it already belongs to them, and that power cannot be taken away from them by another because power belongs to them.

Reality, by the way, in the truth of trauma, suffering, and the pressures brought down on victims of any gender, aren't considered.

So, yeah, go read the article.

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