Friday, January 01, 2016

The Yearly Book Post

I do this every year, it seems -- make lists of the books I've read and books I intend to read, feel ambitious, stuff like that.

Not going to do it this year.  Not really a point.  I don't seem to read the stuff I put in lists.  I read other things, or I don't read at all.  It's frustrating, so I am going to cut out some frustration and just not set goals that I'm going to ignore.

Listing books is such a habit, though.  I feel as if I'm breaking some kind of taboo or maybe foolishly ignoring an ancestral ritual.  I don't know.  It's on my mind.

There are books I would _like_ to read,   So I can, perhaps, soothe my listmaking soul, by making a sort of "Yeah, I'd like to read this" list of books.

  • Ancillary Mercy
  • The Art of War for Writers
  • Shakespeare's Restless World
  • Hild
  • The Inheritance Trilogy
  • The Lives of Tao
  • Female Masculinity
  • Guadalcanal Diary
  • Titan
  • Dead Iron
  • Orlando
  • Johannes Cabal: Detective
  • Fear Institute
Just a short list, just to see what I manage.

Mostly I am putting my goals into writing.  I've got writing to do, revisions to work on, new stories to write. So that is where my goal making goes.  Revise the Nano novel and get it ready for a first edit.  Get going on a second story I've got a little bit written on.  Finish up two other stories I've had lying around.  See what else comes up.

That's my plan.

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