Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Midnight Taxi Tango

Midnight Taxi Tando: Bone Street Rumba, Book 2 by Daniel Jose Older


It's cold tonight.  I was curled up in my warm bed with one big dog and three cats listening to the last couple of hours of this book because I just couldn't wait anymore.  And now, I am out of that warm bed and sitting at my cold desk because I can't sit around and wait.

Some books I can't do as audiobooks.  They just don't work.  Even with a good narrator, some books are just designed for print.  These books are read by the author, and that is how they are best.  I don't know what else to say about it.  The way he reads, the way he embodies his characters, fills them out, gives them particular rhythms, it's spell casting.

I will admit it right here.  I am all one big fan girl crush right now.  If I were to meet Mr. Older at a con, I'd start babbling like an idiot because I'm so much fangirling on this.  I'd share really good chocolate with him (because I always carry it to cons).

Ok ok, let me get on top of my enthusiasm because, really, I'm freezing here.  I'm also infected with the voices of these characters, but that's another thing for later.  This time, Older changes things up -- pretty brave for the second book in a series, the place where a lot of authors try to do the exact same thing they did in their first book that was good enough for them to sell the second book.  Older doesn't do that, the dashing rogue.  This time, we get three different points of view -- Carlos, the voice of the first book, then Kia (forgive any misspellings, because, you know, audio) who was a supporting character in the first book, and now Riza, a new character.  They all sound and speak in their own rhythms.  That was fucking impressive, and not easy to do.  It also works nicely, giving a wider story and more flesh to the world.  Switching out the eyes through which I was looking pleased me.  I never got bored, never wanted the story to move along a bit.

Plot?  Tricky and interwoven, which also worked for me.  Grim, because, yeah, this is that noir urban fiction I'm so crazy about right now.  I must admit, I almost couldn't forgive him for the cockroaches.  [I'm a born and raised Floridian.  "Palmetto bug" is just 1920s realtor speak for Big Ass Flying Cockroaches which I hate.  Any bug that could freak out my dad when it landed on him as much as it would freak out me when it landed on me is a serious damn bug.]  Threads from the last book are picked up and carried on, and things are stirring.  Obviously there's at least one more book (at least, I say, because I will probably cry if this series doesn't run for a bit.  Lots of story there.) and it's going to rock and ripple and be crazy, I'm sure.

Ok, got to wrap this up because I'm shivering and my warm bed calls, but this was too important to wait unti morning.  Had to get it said now while I'm still excited and in love and fangirly.  Really, I'm too old to be fangirling like this, but hell, that's what I am doing.  Everybody who I know and who loves the urban fantasy needs to hunts these books down and read them so Mr. Older can pay bills and keep writing.  Better yet, get the audio versions because, seriously, that's music you need to hear, beats you need to dance to, colors you need to see when you close your eyes.

Ok, back to the bed.  I'm freezing!

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