Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Books, New Worries

New audio books waiting for me -- Days Gone Bad by Eric Asher, first book in the Vesik series, and The Shadow Revolution, by Clay and Susan Griffith, first in the Crown and Key books.    I don't know much about either series, except for what's in the descriptions and the uneven reviews -- either highly praised or greatly bashed.

Also am worried about one of my pets, currently at the vet's, who has some questionable growths in his bladder.  Never fun to have a critter not in the best of health.  More testing ahead.  Luckily we have a support system to help us pay for this.  I don't want to think about what would happen otherwise.

So I'm trying to distract myself.

I may label what I write about books here as reviews, but really, I don't think they are.  I don't review books so much as record my experience of reading them.  I don't think those are the same things at all.  In my head, at least, a review is an attempt to persuade someone else, and is written along certain guidelines.  It will give details of the story but carefully avoid giving too much information or "spoiling" the book.

I don't particularly care about spoilers, but I don't usually talk about details of the story.  In fact, I suspect I don't usually give much idea of what the story is about.  I am more interested in my reaction to what I read or heard, because that's what I talk about.

I also try to avoid writing really negative comments.  No writer needs to be publicly lashed.  Such reviews are written as ego-gratification for the reviewer pandering to the inner bully in us all, attempts to entertain through snark and sarcasm.  Oh, if I don't like a book, I have no problem saying so, but in general unless I feel _really_ cheated by a book I've read all the way, I abandon  it and say "not for me".  When I write a negative comment, it is often because a book made beautiful promises and failed to follow through.  I mourn the missed chances.  I get angry about the betrayal.

So, my reviews really don't help much unless you are someone who has read the books I liked and agree with me.  Then you can trust my opinion.  I don't think my opinion is the best of all possible opinions.  Of course I think my opinion is a good opinion because it is mine.  I like it when people share my opinion or think well of it, but I don't rely on it.

I'm also listening to the Pax Arcana series again.  I did read the scattering of short stories the author released as e-books.  Interesting, if a bit uneven, and while they are kind of intended to stand alone or to be introductions to the series,  some of them feel a bit hasty.  They do fill in some backstory, though, and for that reason I more or less liked them.

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Jammies said...

Whether you call them reviews or recordings I love them and read them all!