Friday, January 22, 2016

New Book and Weather

So, we got a glancing blow from the current winter storm -- lots of ice,  now some snow  It's a touch exciting, of course, because this is The South and we don't have this kind of weather often enough to be prepared for it.  And it is cold.  I'm wrapped in my sweats with socks on and a space heater blowing on me.  I'm happy.

I also got a new book in the mail today -- A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, which I've wanted since I read a sample after I read Vicious last summer.  So, if tomorrow is likely to be yucky, I intend to get some reading done.  I expect it to be good.

I've been cleaning my palette by relistening to the Pax Arcana books.  This will be my third round through them.  They work for me, and I like them more now than I did when I originally read/heard them. That's a good sign.  The humor is more suited to my tastes, the writing style has more polish and subtlety, and I really enjoy how the characters are changing both internally and in their relationships with each other.  The world is also really interesting.  It shares a lot of qualities with the Iron Druid books (which I highly recommend) without being the same sort of thing.  Oh, you can make a check list of similarities, but the differences are also large and varied, so it does not feel like the same author.  I wonder why Elliot James is not a name I've seen more often.  The writing is strong, the story is good, and the humor and the darkness mesh in ways that keep the books going.  I hope there's another one in the pipeline.

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