Sunday, January 10, 2016

Books Acquired, Life Continuing

I need more books like I need more fingers -- in a pragmatic sense, I've got plenty to do what I want to do and additions are just overburdening my life.  However, with the book addiction I have, the constant lure of A New Book is hard to withstand.  I work at it, really I do, but some days I just want to walk through a bookstore.  Inevitably, I will find some books I must have.

Yeah, that's kind of it.  That's the nutshell, right there.

So, yesterday, amid other errands and shopping, I stopped into Books-a-Million.  Now, as bookstores go, I don't really care for BAM.  Books are often misshelved, which makes hunting down a title tricky at best.  Of course, the ploy means you have to comb the shelves, but too often I just end up reshelving books, being disgusted, and wondering why I bother.  Also, soooo much OTHER STUFF that clammers for attention, bangs on the side of my head, makes me feel overwhelmed.  I don't go in without Zeus, for certain.

But I went in there yesterday (you knew that was coming, right?) and after some combing of shelves, I found the two things I was looking for (one was, yes, in the wrong place) and found a bonus goodie that was COMPLETELY mislocated (nonfiction in the fiction area, out of alphabetical order (an "A" name in the "C" section).  Still, I can't regret it.

The other two R.S. Belcher books -- which I could have gotten as e-books, but I might run down an autograph one day.  They also had the hardcover of Nightwise, which tempted me, but I was already pushing the budget, so I settled for these.     And, lit crit on SF by Margaret Atwood -- score!  I didn't even know the book existed and here it plopped into my eager fingers like a ripe apple.  Great day!

In other reading, I'm bouncing between 4 audio books (yes, I do the same thing with audio books that I do with any other book).  One is Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford, which has about a half hour to go and I know is going to end on a cliff hanger although I'm only 80% sure which one.  One is the third entry in the Daniel Faust books, The Living End, which is starting out pretty well. although the reader's voice seems so bright and heroic when compared to the character he's voicing.  It's weird.  Also, the Scots burr has not improved much, and I'm sad about that, because otherwise not a lot of problems.

Oh, and I started both Nightwise and Sandman Slim over again.  Sandman Slim is sounding very different to me this time, after Nightwise.  Not worse, not better, just different from my memory.  You can only read/hear a book for the first time once (where do I pick up my Nobel Obvious prize?)

I'm also VERY eagerly awaiting the next entry from Daniel Jose Older who wowed me so much with Half Resurrection Blues.  I got a tweet from him telling me he was wrapping up recording the next book, but I haven't seen an announcement yet (probably because I'm not on the right mailing list or something.  I can never keep up with information.)  I have a couple other audio books from him that I'm sort of saving for a car trip.  Car trips are the best listening time because it's mostly uninterrupted, it's guilt free, and we have a damn good sound system in the car.

On top of all that I'm trying to get together music and rehearsal for my church choir's fund raiser thingie in 3 weeks, so I should be hunting through the music books (and cleaning the ones that got black eyed pea juice spilled on them during Thanksgiving and are currently in the freezer, and need chipping and wiping and so forth.)  Gah!  Suddenly I feel very busy when I don't get diddly squat done.  Oh, and also working on this story tapping the side of my head and revising the NaNo project.

Lots to do, not enough spoons.  So few spoons.


Lazygal said...

Oh, I know whatof you blog! This past weekend, despite being required to read about 100 (if not more) adult books this year for an award committee, I "had" to pick up 40-50 YA books in addition to 40-50 adult ones. Books are my heroin...

Jammies said...

Wishing you more spoons!