Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Review: The Pax Arcana series

It's been an interesting November for me.  I did NaNoWriMo -- National Novel Writing Month for the uninitiated.  And I "won" -- that is, I finished 50,000 words in a novel.  I finished ahead of the deadline and so kept writing, determined to finish the novel by November 30th.  And I did.  What's more, it is a Science Fiction novel, more or less,   I'm pretty pleased about this.

And I've been reading/listening to audio books, so I have reviews to write.

Charming -- Pax Arcana series book 1 by Elliott James

Also Daring (book 2)  and Fearless (book 3),

I have the audio versions.

These are newer entries in the Urban Fantasy genre, In my mind, they fill a space between The Dresden Files and The Iron Druid Chronicles.  In this case, we have a Knight Templar/Werewolf monster hunter sort of guy, John Charming.  We have smart assedness and a near inability to keep his remarks to himself.  We have kick-ass abilities, lots of internal conflict, and pretty much all the hallmarks of of this genre.

What makes it worth reading?  The world and the things that happen in the world.  The kind of research James is doing to underpin the story.  That kickassery is not strictly the province of the main character, but also extends to various supporting characters (two of them female).  The new elements and the vast, vast, VAST collection of supernatural critters, good, bad, neutral.  Like I said above, this series seems to fill in a niche between others.  It's fun to read, fun to sit with and think about.

The best recommendation I can offer is that I intend to read/listen to them again.  I've also got a list of short stories based in the world on my wishlist.  I'm looking forward to the next announced title.

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