Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Book Haul

One of the joys of spending the summer in Maine is the number of library sales and used book stores I can wander.  I can satisfy my dragon-like urge to add more books to my already overloaded shelves for a fairly low price (most of what you see here I got for between $.50 and $1.00).  There are a few new books in the mix (5, now that I count 'em).  Also,  left about 8 or 9 books in Maine.

Yeah, it's a sickness.

However, I think I've discovered the real obstacle to my reading.  I think I've mentioned somewhere in this old blog that I have no tolerance for stress anymore.  That means any kind of stress (and I'm discovering there are more kinds of stress than I ever imagined as I discover things that trigger my problems, weeee), including the usually pleasurable tension of "what will happen next?" in a book.  Yeah, I start into some of that, and suddenly I can't sit still, can't concentrate my mind, can't line words up to make sense, and simply can't read. It's a problem.

Solution?  Read the freakin' last chapter before I finish.  Spoilers have never bothered me (it's the journey, not the destination), and since the usual tension of a book is exactly what keeps me from being able to read the dratted thing, I can totally handle being "spoiled".  With that handy dandy trick now in my bag, I hope to resume fiction reading and eat away some of my mountain of To Be Read books.  I only have, what, 800 or so books waiting for me?  Heck, I can get through those before I die, right?

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