Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Review: The Maxx issues 1-16

The Maxx by Sam Kieth

I remember many years ago, catching the animated version of The Maxx on -- I think it was MTV -- and being both fascinated and confused.  I think I looked through a few issues of the comic.  I might even own some, tucked into storage somewhere.  It's been a long time.  I can't remember those details.

But I remember my fascination with this weird, deeply weird, and complex world.  That lasts.

So, I had the chance recently to read the first 16 issues of the comic (I'll be picking up more since they are being re-released in a newly colored e-book version).  I will have to read them again.  I am going to read them again.

It's a comic full of questions and few answers, perhaps another version of that adolescent tendency to be obscure in an attempt to be "deep" and "significant".  However, it works.  These questions are not just questions of characters and plot and "what is that?"  We question reality here.  We question identity.  We ask "what is everyone's trauma?" and "how does anyone deal with the awfulness we inflict on each other?"  Legitimate, if thorny and painful, questions.  Questions for which there are no easy, or perhaps any, answers.

Good job.

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