Friday, January 02, 2015

Bigger Ambitions

I'm very ambitious when it comes to reading.  I rarely fulfill my ambitions, but that doesn't mean I don't feel the possibilities.  Since I'm scouring and cleaning and organizing my shelves this week, I am thinking about all the reading I'd like to do.  I've set up a shelf of books I am determined to read this year.

But I have so many, many, MANY books...and so I created a shelf of books I'd  like to read this year, if I get a chance.  You know, because it's not impossible to read  a lot of books in a year if I just put my mind to it and all.

Really, I feel as if I am relearning how to read -- not the letters and the words, but the actual technique of setting aside time and attention to open a book and read.  Something I did compulsively for much of my life became very difficult in the last few years, and it's as if I have to retrain myself how to do it.

Like I said, I'm ambitious.

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