Thursday, April 18, 2013

Changes and Changes and Changes

It's been an interesting few weeks around here.

First, some weeks ago Amazon and Goodreads -- my long loved book-sharing social site -- got into bed with each other.  Now, Amazon, in my opinion, is one icky boyfriend.  So, after some thought and conversation, I picked up all my data and moved it over to LibraryThing.  LibraryThing ain't Goodreads (and Goodreads ain't LibraryThing -- apples and oranges, friend,  sharing only that they are both fruit). and it's been something of an adjustment.  It also means all my reviews on this blog no longer exist and I have to do some housecleaning.

Housecleaning has NOT been a top priority of recent days, so, it's not done yet.  I'll get to it eventually.

Second, I'm busy trying to make some writing things happen.  Theoretically, I should have two stories coming out in digital publications this month and next month.  I'm also working on a self publishing project with an excellent artist, +Juan Ochoa , who just wows me with his artwork but who's been hitting one roadblock after another.  So I'm trying to be involved and encouraging without being a pain or a stressor.  I'm excited it is happening at all.

Third, my brain and I are going through spring malaise.  My sleep schedule is totally screwed -- I slept 14 hours last night, around the clock and thensome, and I could go right back to bed now.  But the night before, I had the worst time getting to sleep.  So, it's screwing with everything else.  I have to get that in control.  Brain is resisting any attempts to do work.  When I bear down and make it happen, it's half-assed and exhausting.  Bleah.  I blame spring.  Spring is lovely, but next to summer it's my least favorite season.  I keep best at temps between 60 and 75 degrees fahrenheit.  Also, pollen.  The Husband says that I've started snoring to equal his own nocturnal symphony.  This does not thrill me, as it indicates breathing problems and other nastiness.  What's funny is that I'm sleeping so deeply that I don't wake myself up.  In the past, my own snoring has awakened me.

But I'm feeling reasonably brighter today than I have most of the week.  It's very humid so the A/C is on, and while it's actually rather lovely outside, I'm staying in.  I haven't taken pills yet today -- it's so late in the day!  but pills must be ingested or disaster occurs.  Also, a little bit of caffeine.  Then some more laundry.  It is taking me forever to catch up the laundry.

So, last of all, I'm thinking novel thoughts -- thoughts about the novel, about the next scene, about where I left off, about what my coach has talked over with me, about actually writing.  That's the boulder I'm rolling up hill these days.  No writing, just thinking.

In news of the strange, however, I had a Mythbusters dream last night -- at least, Adam and Jamie showed up in my dream for some project ot other, and were both thoroughly  nice guys.  No drama, just an interesting dream.  Oh, and I got something in my dream eye that Jamie helped me get out.  It was just one among many, many dreams, but celebrity dream visitations are always worth a mention.


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