Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sick....and Tired

I've had a cold now for a solid week.  I'm actually on the mend, but by "mend" I mean the "coughing out my lungs because everything is breaking up and clearing away" portion of the cold.  Last night was the worst.  Despite gulping down the last of the Niquil (*sigh*) my sleep was light and broken frequently either by coughing/choking jags or by trying not to cough/choke.  As a result, when I finally did get to sleep (around 7 am) I slept until noon.

The positive part of this was one of the most complete dreams involving the characters from Leverage I've ever had.  It included helicopter flying, madly computer secured buildings, disguises, highschool kids, a guy with a toupee, staples as lethal weapons (in the hands of Elliot, no less) and so much, much more.  It even seemed to have a solid plot -- well, a solid plot for a dream, as I can't really recall it all now, although when I woke up I made a strong effort to recall it all.  The coolest part was that there was a definite break at the end between the "show" and the "not show" where I was hanging around the set with just the actors discussing the end of the show (as this was its last season) and my cats.  Timothy Hutton, I must say,  is (at least in my dreams) an incredibly kind and intelligent person.  I doubt he's an ass, really, but the dream version I have is a most excellent individual.  That's important to note because, as anyone who watches the show knows, the character he plays, Nate Ford, is not a very nice person, in general.

In any case, I am going to make some effort to move around today, although I fully expect the coughing to knock me over.  But the house is a mess and it's bothering me, so I'm going to make a small attempt to rectify that.  I expect coughing will make me so dizzy and breathless at some point I will surrender, but at least I hope to have clean sheets on the bed and some laundry put away.

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Rob Pearson said...

Well, that answers my third question for you today.