Monday, February 04, 2013

I Believe in Climate Change

Also, boring talk about dogs.  You are warned.

Saturday I spent a great afternoon with my friend +Tiffanie DeVarso and her cute Chinese Crested, Ringo.  We took Ringo and Zeus to Petsmart for a little doggie beauty treatment (getting Ringo's bangs trimmed and getting the dead grass out of Zeus's fur), then got lunch and went to the local indie bookstore, Booksmith.

While we wandered around discussing books, ooing over cute things, and variously chatting about anything, we both looked out the bit glass windows out front.  We stared.

Me:  Is it snowing?

Her:  It looks like it's snowing.

Me:  It was supposed to be in the 50s today.

Her:  Looks like snow.

And we wandered off, looked at more stuff, then both met and stared out the window.

Her:  It's snowing.

Me:  Yeah, it really is snowing.

And more conversation along those lines.  By the time we'd finished roaming the entire store, the snow had turned to rain.  None of it stuck, of course, and the dogs were both curled up in the car napping and ignoring it all.  There was little sign it had snowed at all, although all afternoon we'd catch the occasional flake amid the rain.  I think both of us still had mild feelings of shock and disbelief.  Snow, while not unheard of in the Upstate, is rather rare and tends to bring about deep desires to clear the bread and beer out of the local grocery store.  And yet, it certainly had snowed for about 30 minutes.

This is only remarkable because only a day or so previous the temperature had settled in the 70s.  It cannot make up its mind.

The other parts of the day were equally amusing and bemusing.  The best (to me, at least) was watching Zeus and Ringo figure out how to be dogs together.  Zeus weighs 65 pounds, and Ringo MIGHT top out around 5 pounds.  The cats were completely confused by Ringo.  They kept walking up to him and sniffing and reaching out paws to pat his big bat ears.  Ringo lives with cats so he was not concerned about them or even interested, but Puck in particular was fascinated and stalked him.  However, it was Ringo and Zeus who entertained me most.

At first, Ringo was not happy about Zeus, while Zeus was enthralled with Ringo.  They managed to settle down when Tiffanie and I left them in the car, but Ringo is possessive over Tiffanie and gets uptight with other dogs, especially  male dogs, when she's nearby.  So at first Ringo was very hostile.  When we returned to my house, we let Ringo wander.  Zeus, of course, wanted to play, and was going through his play bow and his "Play with me" bark.  Ringo, intimidated, made a little aggressive run and barked at Zeus.  Zeus did the most marvelous back pedal, slipping on the hard floor with his paws going in every direction.  Ringo, impressed with his own machismo, did it again.  Zeus jumped back like he was on springs.  And so it began, this new game.  Both had tails wagging and I wished the downstairs was bigger so they would have room for this new game.  Ringo would run at Zeus, Zeus would scramble away, and then he'd be back at Ringo, waiting for that little dog to do it again.  Tiff and I were falling over laughing.

We're going to try to have more "doggie play dates" because Zeus is all pro dog.  Tiffannie has two other little dogs, both Chihuahuas of deep and unusual adorableness, and I rather hope Zeus gets mobbed.

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