Thursday, February 07, 2013

I Am Proud Of This

Last December, my church choir performed a Winter Solstice Singing Ritual.  We'd spent most of the year preparing for it and it went off pretty well.  The Husband stuck his magic video camera under a table and recorded the audio for us.  Yesterday he finished cleaning it up, ripping it, and uploading it to Youtube.  (5 hours + work).

It's about an hour long and includes all the readings (and the audience coughing and someone sniffling), but it also is chock full of singing (d'uh).  I had a couple of little solos.  Of course, the song I love most is Kore Evohe, which I also directed.  It's in the middle of the performance.

Oh yes, I hear all the mistakes.  Every damned one of them.  But for a small group performing in a ritual, which means being directed from the middle of the group, in low light, with no sound system and lots of walking around, very close to the audience (and with me having been without voice for 3 weeks prior -- I spent every second I wasn't singing ducking down to drink water)  I think it went off very well.  When you consider, too, that our only microphone was a video camera under a table in front of us (we used candles in the ritual, so we needed tables to hold them), I think it came off quite nicely.

In any case, I am proud of myself and of the ladies with whom I have the honor to sing.

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