Monday, January 28, 2013

Hat Trick

In that last couple of years, I have developed a hat collection.  Many of these hats have come via Miss Myrna.  Others have been purchased for me by The Husband, who likes me in hats.  Now that my hair is shorter, I feel more like wearing hats.  I have a goodly collection now, wool hats and straw hats.  Two hat boxes in the closet and one in the attic (where my Top hat resides.)

I want a black man's top hat, so I can attach a little veiling to it and feel very 19th century.

Now, here's the hard part.  Where do I wear these hats?  I haven't worked out a method for wearing hats on a daily basis.  Once upon a time a hat was just a part of the clothing one wore, like shoes or a shirt.  You wore something on your head all the time.  Then hats became something you wore because you were going into the public eye.  Gradually they became special occasion wear, then they vanished pretty much completely except for old ladies in church and the fashionably eccentric.   They became markers of certain cultural/social niches.  They took on new meanings.

I just like to wear hats.  I don't always look good in a hat, but I think a hat always looks good. (I need more hat pins, too.)

My car is not hat friendly, though.  Wearing a hat while driving is a problem because it bumps the headrest or rubs the ceiling.  Of course, wearing my hair in a bun or a ponytail creates similar problems.

My birthday is coming up and we are planning a dinner with friends at one of my favorite restaurants.  I am planning to wear a hat.  I have a Miss Myrna original, a beautiful, bright red straw hat with satin roses and feathers.  It's Quite A Hat, and I plan to wear it.  I may declare it a Hat Party.

In my early teens I wore a baseball cap most of the time, usually because I had my long hair tucked into it.  At some point I gave up my boy impersonation and the hat went away.  Now I want to wear hats to be as female as I can manage.

Oh, and today I have metallic green fingernails.  They entertain me.

I guess the trick to wearing a hat is to put it on your head and leave the house.  Still, it seems more complicated than that.


the queen said...

You made me realize I need an eggplant hat to go with the new eggplant coat. Salespeople take you seriously when you are in a hat.

Murphy Jacobs said...

One of my wool hats is eggplant colored. I wear it frequently.

Of course, my first thought, it being you, was that you were hunting for a hat shaped like an eggplant to go with a coat embroidered or even made of eggplants. It didn't even strike me as odd.