Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bitchin' and knittin' and typin'

Forth freaking day of rain here, and the temp is dropping -- low of 34 expected tonight, 32 tomorrow night and even colder by Monday.  Practically like...winter.  Won't be so bad in the daytime but we could get some ice out of this.  Bleah, like I need more help in falling down and busting my ass.

Got the first rows of my latest knitting project on the needles.  My fingers ache and now I wish I HAD found circular needles for this project -- good gravy it is easy to tell when I am using cheap needles.  I don't have a lot of expensive ones, but there is a distinct difference between $3 needles and $7 needles.  I'll need more yarn for this vest so I know I'll have to go to Greenville at A.C. Moore to get it.  We've sworn off Hobby Lobby, Michael's here has limited yarn choices, Wal-Mart is only for emergencies and certain yarns, so that leaves A.C. Moore -- which would be first choice if it wasn't an hour away.  And while I love the little craft store near us, they are high end with luxury yarns, not the stuff I'm using.

In fact, my whole body aches this morning, probably from digging around in the attic yesterday.  OH, and I think I have a clue on the constant headaches -- the "acid reflux diet" eliminates caffeine.  Even though I don't drink nearly as much caffeinated stuff as I once did, I do drink a bit almost every day (equivalent to between 1/2 and 1 1/2 cups of coffee).  Going off completely has caused, as I should have expected, headaches which, combined with the stupid weather and a stiff neck, makes for pain even Aleve won't touch. So I am adding a touch of caffeine back in and tapering off more slowly.

Lesseee, what else can I bitch about?  Hmm, weather, body aches, headaches, stupid diet where I can't eat anything delicious because it might have fats, acids, chocolate, or caffeine  (what is the point of a baked potato without butter or sour cream or bacon bits?) no onions (unless they are really cooked well, which seems to be ok).  Feh.

Actually, I have something good to mention.  Some months ago I saw a notice on G+ for +Em Dash Lit Mag calling for submissions, so I worked up some courage (and got a cheering section with +Rob Pearson and +Sarah Pinsker ) and submitted.  When I got an email back a few weeks later, I had myself a little freak fest and could not open it -- rejection or acceptance, my Crazy made both choices look equally awful in that way my Crazy can do.  So I didn't open the email and eventually forgot about it.  Then, this week, they sent out an email apologizing for delays in publication and, being half awake, I opened it.  I saw the words at the top "Dear Contributor".  I got curious.  I checked that old email.  I'd placed the story.  I'm going to be published -- again, in a digital publication, which means it could have the same end as the other two stories I've placed in digital media (aka, VANISHED).

Still, it's a publication.  The other two stories are mine again now, so I might try to place them again (Hotel Room needs tweaking, I think).  And, who knows, I might even write something NEW, although right now I'm thinking about old stories I never placed that might be better with a little fix here and there.  That seems like all the effort I can make at the moment and if I can even do that much, it will be a step forward.

I need some steps forward, especially when my back and shoulders ache like they do today.

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Scott said...

Belated congratulations! I wish I could force myself to actually finish some of the partially finished thingies and submit them to the plethora of online litmags I've bookmarked. But I'm lazy, I'm miserable, my cat is ridiculously needy, and it's so cold. Excuses, I have a few.