Saturday, December 29, 2012

Looking Ahead Without Real Hope

Ooo that sounds dreadful, doesn't it?  But I'm talking about my annual list of books I intend to read next year.  I so rarely manage to read any of the books I intend to read.  Oh, I get the books, and I line them up on a shelf, and I look at them.  Sometimes I will crack one and read a chapter or two.  Then something else will call my attention.  I'll get a curiosity going and dart off to some other book, then another, then another, until I look up and the book I was reading is dusty.

But I make the list anyway, because I'm like that.  Here are my good intentions for 2013.

titleauthor Up_arrow


Jammies said...

You are a brave woman, you can do it!

(and you'd better, just to stop me nagging you about certain books :p)

Murphy Jacobs said...

I know, I know :) I AM trying!

Travis Langley said...

That's not a bad list, actually. I think this is a realistic goal. Don't be afraid to let the goal change. The journey itself is worthwhile. Sticking strictly to the list could make it feel like a chore sometimes. Some of these readings will probably lead you to others that aren't yet on the list. Best of luck - and enjoy!