Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And in Less Exalted Spheres...

So, after rehearsal on Monday, I could sing but my throat still hurt.  I went back to the clinic for a check and from them got a referral to an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist.  Lucky for me, I got an appointment there the for that afternoon.  And I had my throat scoped.

Scoping.  Let me tell you about it.

As medical investigative procedures go, this one is on the mild side -- no blood,  no complicated preparation, no anesthesia (if only!).  First, the doctor shoots some nasty chemical numbing agent into your nose.  Did I mention this stuff is nasty?  Now, it's not nearly as nasty as it could have been if it had gone in my mouth, but even at the back of my throat, well away from my tongue, it made promises of nastiness via fumes.  So there's that part.  As things I've had to swallow in the name of good health go, it's not the worst (the worst was Barium in a giant cup of Raspberry Crystal Lite, but that's another story).

So, after this numbing agent gets to work, the doctor brings out the scope, which is a long, thin, flexible tube on a sort of handle grip.  The end can twist and flex around in a way that was admittedly cool.  It has a light and a camera on the end, of course,and this also goes into your nose and down your throat.  You feel it but you don't feel it, which is in itself pretty weird.

Now, among my many mutations, I have an incredibly sensitive gag reflex.  I can set myself to retching by something as simple as gripping a pencil in my teeth.  However, this reflex has never served me well -- I don't vomit easily at all.  I can retch and gag like a sonavabitch, but many the time when I wished I could just throw up whatever was in my stomach and be done, I could not.  Still, I have the reflex and it's fully operative.

The good news is my vocal cords are all healthy and in good shape.  The bad news is I have a kind of silent acid reflux that is burning the back of my throat and causing all the trouble.  The better news is this is easily treatable and my throat will heal up.

The worse news is that the doctor put that scope VERY far down my throat and it triggered my gag reflex.  Oh boy, did it trigger my gag reflex.  He pulled the scope out before I fell prey to the whole body curling, eye-watering, coughing, retching part of the experience.  I was still coughing and retching 10 minutes later.  In fact, I was a little hypersensitive for about an hour, fighting to control the desire to retch and coughing a good bit.  None of this did my throat any good and so it's sore today.

But I feel I have conquered yet another of the various Scopings I will have to endure as I proceed in life.  That's 2 down.  How many more do I have left now?


Scott said...

I misread "scoping" as "scooping" and I got all excited at the prospects of a horrific description of throat-scooping, whatever that would be.

Yesterday I spent a long time on YouTube watching disgusting medical videos some of which were about tonsiliths or whatever they're called. I've never had them but all day long I could feel them forming in my throat. Ah, hypochondria.

Also, glad you're back!

the queen said...

Yes! Silent acid reflux, that's what made me choke and pee on myself.

Lazygal said...

I've had one of those scopes - didn't gag, but did have extra swollen glands for a couple of days after! (and yes, that's what I went in for originally, so the irony was particularly delicious).