Thursday, June 02, 2011

More on Stupid People

I must admire this particular article

Viewpoint: Facebook Is Not Your Friend

because, once again, it points out what is, to me, FREAKING OBVIOUS. I make no claims to genius, to greater perception, or to mystical knowledge. I've just had a lifetime of assuming that anything I did in public is, you know, PUBLIC, and after my first year or so waddling around the Internet (back in the dark ages), it was borne in upon me that the Internet was REALLY SUPER PUBLIC.

Maybe I should make that a larger font, with color.

THE INTERNET (including all social media, email, instant messaging, etc.) IS PUBLIC.

Yeah, I know. It won't help.  I feel a bit like Charlton Heston.

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the queen said...

Here's what I think: The Internet is public, ad so is everything else on earth. If I were having an affair (AHAHAhahaha) and that became germane to a high-profile murder case, my affair is public. There is no such thing as privacy. Anyone who complains his privacy is invaded because someone went through his trash, well, why didn't you keep your trash private? It was on the street.