Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glamour Pup

The Husband had this week off between semesters, and it was Spring Graduation over at the big ol' University, so we wanted to stay far far away from anywhere Grads and Parents and panicky people with cameras might be. So, yesterday, we loaded the poodle into the car and took off north-ish.

Well, first we had to drop him off for an embarrassing haircut.

WE did not request pompom feet. WE asked for a short all over action cut, with just a little fluff on the head, ears, and tail, and -- of course -- his cute little beard. But we got pompom feet. I do not like pompom feet.

In any case, we have pompom feet, so we drove to a park on a lake and spent the afternoon teaching Zeus to swim.

Zeus is not sure about the swimming thing. We took him out on Monday to a beach on the river, and he discovered he could not walk on water. Yesterday he learned some other things about water.
Like how The Husband can emerge from under the water all submarine like and scare an unsuspecting puppy right out of the water.

Puppies still can't walk on water, though. This fact is not enough to keep him from trying.

He's also a very glamorous puppy, even with an embarrassing haircut.

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