Saturday, April 23, 2011

Still Life With Puppy Ain't Still

Life continues here in the Upstate to be a steady monotonous drone spiked with occasional train whistles and dog farts. The Husband is still awaiting confirmation of his summer employment, which would go a long way toward relieving some of my sublimated stress. Our 6 month old puppy is the Giant Farting Dog. At 50 lbs (yes, really) he has the power to clear a room. His are the "Silent but Deadly" variety. Unlike Ophelia, he doesn't even give warning purrs.

Speaking of which, Ophelia continues to amaze. On her last vet visit, we got the bad news that she had kidney disease and that her life expectancy was likely only weeks long. However, she got an antibiotic shot for a mild infection and another adjustment to her insulin. The prognosis was she would continue to lose weight until she failed.

Well, she's been eating like a fiend since then, even demanding I give her canned food, and gaining back some of the weight she's lost. She's wandering over the house at will and napping in her old favorite places. She sleeps on my pillow each night and no longer has the weird burbling purr but a normal purr. She's attentive. She understands when I tell her to head toward whatever it is she wanted me to do -- water from the sink, for instance, or the kitchen for a meal. She's using the litter box more (as long as the one she wants is clean, which we are striving to maintain) instead of pooping and peeing on towels. She's even cleaning herself more, which she has not done in a very long time. While I am under no illusion she is "cured", it does make me feel better in that her whatever time she has left, she is active and comfortable. When it is time for her to go, I still wish she goes quietly on her own without requiring medical intervention. Until then, I'm happy I still have my babycat.

Roses bloom in our little garden, along with some herbs and other flowers. I planted seeds that have sprouted and will (I hope) bloom over the summer. Right now it's rainy, and it's been rather cool since a couple of warm weeks at the beginning of the month -- more like early spring than late April. We put the comforter back on the bed last night, and we've been glad more than once we didn't take off the mattress warmer. All our winter clothes are packed and upstairs in the attic. Happy me -- my summer clothes from 2 and 3 years ago, which I haven't been able to wear the last year+, all fit or are a touch large. While my weight loss has stopped because I am stress eating (even when I'm not hungry, I find myself eating. It's a problem.), I have not gained significantly. I have to add in more exercise, which may help with the stress.

Obviously, walking the dog would be exercise, but he is going through a period of being impossible for me to walk. All the good manners we strived so hard to teach him only show up when The Husband is holding the leash, and even then only when he has his Gentle Leader head harness on. I want a new collar for him so that the rope burns, bruises, and pulled muscles in my shoulders will cease. I'm going to look for something else to let me control this teen-age puppymonster.

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