Saturday, April 30, 2011

Germs, now with More Germs

Yes, The Husband brought home the latest version of plague from the teeming stewpot that is the university campus. True to form, the virus took one look at my allergy weakened system and jumped right in. I was aware the very instant it took root -- 3:45 pm yesterday afternoon. I woke up this morning at 10 til 6, hating my life, my head socked in hard with some variety of green cement. I've already exceeded recommended dosage on at least three different meds, so I'm just sitting up while the clock ticks. I can't even use the much hated "nasal irrigation system" because when I say Blocked Solidly, I am not using a metaphor. I am not comparing the state of my sinuses to some hypothetical situation. What we have here, people, are Facts in Snot.

So -- no going to a wedding of friends today. No taking the dog on an adventuresome walk. I'm not even planning to leave the house unless someone sets it on fire. Throat hurts, ears hurt, even my freaking teeth hurt. I will stay under my purple fuzzy blanket and fight this dragon of a virus, all the while bitching mightily. I have a new box of tissues and I'm not afraid to use them!


Becs said...

Feel better soon! This allergy season is a tough one!

Hot compresses on the face help? That's the only thing left in my book.

wv - suffi

Sherri said...

Yeah, I have a nice rice bag I heat up and use. I'm going to make it into a hat/facemask combo one of these days.