Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, Yeah, I have a Blog

It isn't that nothing much happens to me -- I never let that stop me from writing here before -- so much as nothing I felt like typing about has happened. Life tumbles from moment to moment. I do things, I see the results, but at this particular point in my life, yelling it to the ether (and the 12 stalwart souls who follow this blog) doesn't seem so crucial.

That could change, which is why I haven't taken the silly thing down. So...a summary of the first few weeks of 2011.

We have a dog. He is a standard poodle named Zeus and -- despite all my efforts -- he runs our lives.

We have four cats now and they run whatever parts of our lives the dog does not run.

We joined a Unitarian Universalist church in the area and are enjoying it very much. I'm very involved there with committees and choruses and running a group of my own. That runs the parts of our lives we can wrest away from the dog and the cats (although the dog does come with us on certain meeting nights).

We are back on that "where will the next job be?" treadmill. No guarantees, lots of promises and wishes. This is more stressful than I can really describe, since I do my best not to let even myself know about this stress.

I've lost about 40 lbs, with more to go, but hardly any of my pants fit anymore and I shall be forced soon to drag out the sewing machine and Start Taking In. However, it would be dreadfully easy to gain the weight back again. But, I had about 3 months of no aching hips or back and I got rather used to living with a minimum of pain. Then, about 2 weeks ago, I slipped and fell onto my back at the park. That, coming at the end of 2 weeks fighting a sinus infection, helped me stop losing any weight and start letting it sneak back up on me. I go to the chiropractor tomorrow. I LIKED living with minimal pain, I liked roaming around at will (well, with knee braces on) and I liked losing weight. My blood pressure is getting back to normal and I hope to get off the damn pills soon. I have little daydreams of what I'll be like when I lose the next 40 lbs.

We are still in SC, I still am allergic to the place (allergy season just started a few weeks early) and I'm hoping the rain will clear up today as I am quite tired of constant rain.

I'm reading a lot more, or trying to. That feels surprisingly good. I'm not knitting as much, which bothers me a bit. I'll get it balanced in time.

So, that's pretty much my news. How're all of you?


Jammies said...

Mostly I am just glad to see you updating this silly thing again. *mwah*

Scott said...

Glad to see you, Jay, and the menagerie are doing well.

whall said...

I'm in the same boat - I used to update 5-7 times a week on a quasi-daily basis and then bam - once a week and them BAMBAM, once a month, if that. It's just a cycle thing, I think, for me.

Congrats on the weight loss - I'm trying the same thing and looking forward to throwing away and replacing some clothes!