Monday, December 20, 2010

A Room of One's Own

At long last, I have an office in our house. Well, office and craft storage, and cat room, but at least it has no litter boxes in it!

Due to the marvelous efforts of The Husband, my walls are painted in shades of rosy purple (yes, it actually works) and the "A-frame" desk set we found fits perfectly. My comfy reading chair is installed (complete with cats). All I need now is a desk lamp and a reading lamp -- and, of course, to completely clean out and arrange everything. But that's minor in comparison!

We will also be getting the puppy in January, so we must make space for all those things puppy-related. I'm still working out how I feel about events so conspiring -- losing Pooty still has all the pain of losing someone you love, and no other pet will replace him. I think it is more difficult because I wasn't expecting it in the least. Ophelia I know will be passing soon-ish -- she's given us enough scares and with her diabetes and her age, I'm hardening myself to it. Pooty just...went.

Anyway, we will be adding Zeus to our household in January. He's wiggly and curly and should be an interesting addition, especially now that Caliban is just barely turning into domesticated feline (he still gets very agitated at times, very suddenly, and will bite VERY hard. This weekend, I was petting him when he looked out a window and saw a strange cat in another yard some distance away, and just LATCHED onto my hand. He was all sweet and apologetic later, but it HURT.)

Anyway, I have more books to bring up, all kinds of stuff to arrange nicely, garbage to gather, and maybe I should eat a little breakfast that doesn't involve a Christmas cookie.


Becs said...

Yay! There's nothing like having your own place, your safety zone in the house. Enjoy!

Scott said...

I hope the puppy doesn't get eaten by angry kitties.

Also, thank you both for the Christmas card. Have a tolerable holiday!