Monday, September 06, 2010

Hi there

I have yarn and needles and another Thing knitted, which meant I started yet another Thing this morning. I have three other Things I want to be knitting, but there's this whole lack of hands/arms/eyes problem. Can only knit one thing at a time and I have a Must Finish A Thing rule to avoid little knots of yarn with needles roaming the house and scaring the cats.

So far, everything I've knitted has been some form of Square or Rectangle. Today I am branching out with a Hat, which while knitted flat, will eventually be Round, like a head. This means Decreases. Yes, decreasing is the next skill to conquer.

Meanwhile, when I'm not knitting, I'm looking at knitting stuff online. One thing I saw was a nifty thing to hold my Hoard of Yarn. It was a hanging closet shelf thing, all cloth and nylon, that for the mere price of $50 would hold All The Yarn neatly and away from claws. I looked at it with lust for a while, then something clicked over in my head. I'd seen this before.

Then, while roaming through Lowes looking for something else (paint or bug killer or something like that) I remembered that little Click and I headed for the Organizer aisle. Yep -- for $17.99 I bought a fold down hanging sweater shelf (nylon, cloth, cardboard) which looks JUST LIKE the $50 Magic Yarn Hoard Holder (well, except for color). And it is in the downstairs closet holding my Hoard right this minute. I feel so frugal. I can buy more yarn!

In other news, Ophelia, my beloved and now elderly cat, is obviously winding down. She's 17, diabetic, and she'd getting frail. Oh, she's healthy -- good teeth, plenty of opinions, pooping and peeing, which means she's eating and drinking. But she's getting thinner, which seems to be the way cats tell you they are getting old. And she has returned to her gassy kitten ways. This is ok for her, but deadly for the rest of us. Currently, she likes to reside either under the couch (right where I sit) or in a window seat next to the couch (where I sit). As a new twist, today she's decided to lay on the throw pillow right next to me.

And she farts. Oh dear clouds in hell, she farts. It's deadly stuff, I tell you. I'm looking for a pattern to knit a gas mask.


Becs said...

Good to see you back. Look out I don't snatch away all the knitting needles from here to Oklahoma just to see you once in awhile.

Jim said...

Keep matches handing for the offensive gas. That way you can both enjoy each other more often.

sue said...

...and where are the pictures of these "Things"????