Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hunting Expedition

There's not much that's better in my little life than a trip to the local Barnes & Noble, unless it is a trip to Barnes & Noble with an unlimited bank account. We made a trip up for the express purpose of picking up a particular DVD and discovered they were having a buy 2, get one free sale. So, we have acquired Forbidden Kingdom, the second season of The Wild, Wild West tv series, and the Sherlock Holmes feature film collection.

Of course, once we'd finished with the DVD section, we rummaged through the books, and obviously we found some. Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor, which looks quite unique and interesting. I picked up Defining Moments in Books, which (unfortunately, in my opinion) has the iconic image from the movie Lolita on the cover. The Husband picked up a book on interviewing and another called Creative Cursing, which he expects will be useful no matter what job he gets.

But the biggest trophy of the day, the prize of the hunt, was the second volume of Bloom County, the Complete Library. The first was wonderful. I didn't know the second was out and it was almost at the end of our tour of the store when I spotted it, grabbed it, and now it's mine.

Time to sink into that.


Scott said...

Would you find it odd that I can't even remember the last time I was in a book store that sold new books? I tend to mostly buy used books.

Sherri said...

There is a conspicuous lack of used book stores in this area -- there's one near the college that, as you'd expect, is rather eclectic. There is supposed to be one in the next town (Anderson) and there's a typical small, strip mall store.

Glennis said...

Did you get the codes for the free ebooks they have been giving out in the stores. this week is the last week.

Sherri said...

No, I avoided the Nook display and anything related to it.

Beige said...

Bloom County?

My teenage quest was once to return to the U.S. (1985-) with the sole purpose of spending my life with Berke Breathed.

Just dug my precious hard cover out of a dusty moving box.

One question: Was Garfield ever funny?