Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in Blue

Bebe Bleu, my beloved Mazda 3, is back in the driveway, looking shiny and new-ish. The awful, terrible, violence inducing VW is back at the rental agency.

I will say that, after I figured out the head rest and got used to the braking and acceleration, I hated it a little less. This is not love, it's just less virulent hatred. The whole plastic-y, tight, tiny interior, the lack of any space for human legs in the back seats, and the amazing number of blind spots in a car with so much glass were simply staggering. It is not the car for me. I never want to see the inside of one again. I'm not all that jazzed to see the outside, either.

But my Mazda runs just fine. I have new seat covers on order and I need to vacuum the interior to go with the whole "clean and shiny" theme I have going there. but it feels so good to drive my own car. Also, my knee does not bump the steering column. It's all good.


the queen said...

My brother owned a Mazda, and it was always breaking. He loved it though. I think that was because it had a Wankel engine, and we put together a model of a Wankel engine when we were kids.

I said I was thinking of buying a Mazda and Mom said, "Just PUT a KNIFE through my HEART."

Sherri said...

This is my second Mazda. Neither ever had a problem. We are seriously considering replacing our second vehicle with another Mazda. I've had less trouble with the Mazda than I've had with the three cars previously owned.