Saturday, April 17, 2010

This World, It Is Odd

The officer from the Highway Patrol handling our case just stopped by. The guy who hit our car hurt his leg pretty badly (we couldn't figure out how he could have gotten away without a scratch) and he panicked, drove to the hospital, and got himself patched up.

Here's the kicker. When he got home, he called and turned himself in. He admitted that he probably fell asleep on his way home from work and was going too fast. We have his insurance information.

Do you believe that? The hospital did not report is as a vehicle-related injury, so he COULD have gotten away with it. But he was decent and honest about it.

Sometimes I think this world isn't so bad. He lives around the corner from us. I kinda want to send him a get well card or something.


the queen said...

I think you should send him a card!

Becs said...

What a mensch!