Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's Always...

...something new for me to bitch about.

I've moved into Allergies - Stage 2, which appears to be what originally triggered our suspicions that Something Is Wrong With Sherri. This morning, while not severely congested and with little actual sinus action, I am having that ol' tightness in my chest and trouble breathing.


I'm on the point of completely closing up the house and turning on the A/C, despite the fact it is in the 50s outside and looks like it might rain again. Yesterday's rain washed a LOT of pollen out of the air -- I saw those yellow rings around the puddles outside. But there's always a new pollen blooming out there. I don't yet know the growth cycles of the various flora to which I am allergic so I can't guess which one it is this time, but I'm betting it's one of the few that also grows in Florida, since the breathing thing started there.

The runny nose, congestion, and general ick is kinda S.C. specific -- well, outside of a cold. Allergies are a little like having a cold without the pretty colors in your snot. I'm pretty sure that, were I to run into an opportunistic virus, I'd have some sinus-eating disease by now.

Anyway, the decongestant is swallowed and I'm preparing to clean the kitchen sink so I can do the dreaded, hated, and totally disgusting sinus irrigation thing. Self inflicted near-drowning for health. Why is it all the things one should do for one's health are painful, icky, or unpleasant in some way? Whose idea was this? Those people probably gets off on enemas. I don't want to meet any of them.

*sigh* I also need to get a new filter for the vacuum and a better filter for the A/C system. You know, M. Night Shyamalam could have made The Happening by skipping the weird, behavior changing plant spoors into super potent pollen and having everyone die of sneezing and congestion. Would have freaked people right out because it's SO REAL.


Nina May said...

You know what you need? A new season of Leverage.

Don't know if you read fanfic, since most of it is unremittingly awful, but if you do and feel like a nostalgia kick to offset the near-drowning, you might enjoy this - the team taking on The Princess Bride. Not complete yet, though.

Sherri said...

Nina, I'm waiting not-so-patiently :) I rewatched season 1 yet again (to addict another friend) and I'm waiting for those season 2 DVDs to come out.

I'll take a peek. Lots of fan fic (I did my time in the fanfic mines) is just...not good. But I'll take a look :D

Nina May said...

Heh, I download each epidsode from iTunes, because I don't have a tv. I miss out on the commentaries :( but I have all of season 2 right now, so it kind of balances out :)

Sherri said...

Yeah, I stream them from Netflix, but I'm a commentary junkie. I need my FIX, Mr. Devlin!!!