Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Just Pollen

Pollen is back up after last week's cleansing rain. I'm not sneezing -- I have drugs -- but I have a runny nose and that sloshy feeling in my head.

But it's still beautiful here.


Nina May said...

These are so beautiful. I don't have allergies; I just live in the city. Thank you for sharing just a little bit of your Spring! The sunshine, the colours, the joyousness of blooming, living flowers.... It makes my heart happy.

Becs said...

Fuschias! I love fuschias! Are they perennial there?

Sherri said...

They a perennial if they don't get chilly. We didn't know that last year -- we thought they'd be ok as long as they didn't freeze, but apparently they can't go under 45 degrees or so. We had the greenhouse set to around 40 degrees so that the roses would go dormant.