Saturday, April 17, 2010

It Goes On

The Husband was taking LaGuz to the vet this morning. She's still limping and he's worried (as am I). On the way there, not five minutes from the house, a large Harley overshot the curve, crossed the center line, creamed the side of my car, and kept on going.

He left behind a piece of his running boards, which is why we are sure it was a Harley. He trailed bits of my car yards along the road. Highway Patrol suspects he was either messed up on chemicals or driving on a suspended license, because otherwise -- what the hell? -- he would have stopped. They are looking for him, but I'm not holding my breath.

So, the entire driver's side of my car has been pretty nicely messed up. Side mirror is gone. Wheel covers are a loss. Front bumper has a hole. All four panels are crumpled. The car is drivable, but it ain't a happy thing.

LaGuz did not make it to the vet (short hours on Sat.)

Also -- $200 deductable on my insurance.

*sigh* Ok, that's all the drama I need for the week. It can stop now.

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