Monday, April 05, 2010

Is The Universe Jerking Me Around?

Latest thing...I'm waiting with some anxiety to find out what happens with the house. I was fine until Saturday.

You see, Saturday a strange man showed up at our door (in a repeat of the event that started this whole mess) wanting to look at the townhouse because it was going to auction on Monday. He and his partner wanted to buy it, but (he assured us) they could certainly look at any offer we wanted to make...

Being as we have a contract and a closing date, you might guess we were, shall we say, nonplussed? No, nonplussed isn't right. We were pissed and panicked. The paperwork to delay the foreclosure was supposed to have been filed last week! What the hell? Who was selling it out from under us? When were we supposed to find out? What's going on?

After some initial panicking with attendant running around in circles, the man told us that he printed out his list of local foreclosures over a week ago. His information could be out of date. We made some calls and checked the county website that lists auction properties -- this one isn't on the list. But we just are NOT sure. The agent says that the foreclosure paperwork went in on time and all should be well, but he can't be certain until Monday.

The auction is today. Monday. Wee. So, sometime tomorrow an If Bunny will stop hopping and we will know if we own this place or if we should start packing up.

Despite that, we took down the greenhouse, converted the pieces into a set of window awnings, and cleaned up the patio so it is pleasant to sit there. The fountain tinkles and burbles outside the window. The breeze blows cool. The azalea and rhododendron bloom. Later today I will clean and fill the bird feeders and hang them up, and clean out the pots of the plants that didn't survive winter. Life has to go on, right?

And we are still waiting to find out where The Husband will get a job. Might be here. Might be elsewhere. If Bunnies still hop -- the Easter Bunny ain't got nothin' on 'em.

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