Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inivisble Monsters should be Pink and Blue

The view out of my living room window is particularly lovely this year. I just rearranged the living room so I could take advantage of it. I can sit here and see all the roses, the wisteria, the azalea and rhododendron, the fuschia, the colombine, the bridal veil, and many of the herbs that survived the winter. I can see both the seed-bird feeder (which has regular visitors now) and the hummingbird feeder (as yet unvisited, but it's still a bit cool for them). The butterfly bushes are a little less visible and not yet blooming, but I should be able to see them when they finally make with the flowers.

I can also see the cheap, ugly, weathered-grey fence that marks the property line, the power pole that juts up in the midst of it, the recently killed-by-poison honeysuckle, and the back corner of the ugly little convenience store that is far too close to where I now live. Compromises, always.

Still no definitive word on a job at Clemson. Graduation is next week. The Husband's cap and gown hang on the back of the door (he didn't walk the first time, but this time he is). Mom-in-law will be here, so there are some attempts at housecleaning (which will get more frenzied as the actual date gets closer).

I feel the future moving around like the invisible monster in the old Jonny Quest show. It's looming around making noises, but I can't see it clearly at all. I wish I could throw paint at it so it would show up.

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