Friday, April 09, 2010

The Good News

The Husband successfully defended his thesis, so he graduates. Now he has one class (the hated Art Class, which just goes to show an inexplicable teacher who believes himself capable of teaching talent can completely shut a willing student out of the learning process) to complete and he is all graduated and stuff.

Right now he's in the slightly chillier north interviewing for another job he's not sure he really wants in a place we aren't sure we really want to live. He's still hoping the University will come up with the money to hire him there. Yes, it would mean another year of living in this too-small townhome, but since by next Monday we should own that, we can make changes here we couldn't in a rental (like TOWEL BARS! and COLOR ON THE WALLS!), that's not so terrible a prospect as it otherwise might have been.

But, we must accept the If bunnies that collapse into Fact as they come.


sue said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jammies said...

*makes If Bunny hasenpheffer*

Congrats to the charming husbeast on his successful thesis defense!

Scott said...

Congratulations, Jay!

Jay said...

thanks, still have to do the final edits from the review... but all in all, went okay!