Monday, April 26, 2010

Endless Geeker

The Husband was touring our Netflix account yesterday when he happened upon this. He started to stream it, then decided I needed to know about it. So, in geeky happiness, we curled up on the mini-couch and started streaming to my laptop.

I am enthused.

Ok, let me rephrase that. I (and The Husband) are giggly, happy, geeky crazed for this lovely little indie movie about something near and dear to our hearts -- gaming, and the people who game. He and I often bemoan the loss of our old gaming group and how difficult it is to find/form a new one here in the land of the too-cool college student. Our single semi-successful attempt was low on fun, as it is very hard to meld two old-timers into a group of young gamers, especially without the GM on your side (we were, in effect, the Joanna character, only with much less success).

I recognized people I know (and still love) in these film characters. I've lived those situations. I swear the costumes were lifted from the closets of dedicated Rennies, SCAdians, and con-goers. And the endless battle between cooperating to tell a story and players vs. game master is so familiar it isn't even funny, but then it is made funny here. Even better, the fact that this is a (very good, very well done) home made film just makes the whole thing perfect. If it had been a high budget, major production, it would not have worked. This, on the other hand, is filled right to the final second after the credits have rolled with all the things the geek-at-heart love so much.

Yes, we have the DVDs on order.


Nimble said...

Off topic but I just had to tell you how charmed I am by your dressed up thumb icon. (Saw it on the Whoopee baby roman emperor comments.) I think I want to draw faces on all of my fingers now and accessorize. Maybe not at work...

Little Kenny said...

Saw him mention it on FB and watched via netflix streaming on the PS3 that night. Fun flick for sure if you're a gamer. Two thumbs up. :D