Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebrating the Post-It

Anyone who knows me can attest -- I love me some office supplies. One of my very favorite office supplies is Post-it notes in all their various incarnations. And the wonderful Post-it is 30 years old now.

I have one very classy Post-it dispenser (that will one day grace a desk again) which holds both the standard Note and two colors of the Flags. I love me some flags. I have high lighters with built in flags that are indispensable when studying a book or editing a manuscript on-page (editing on the computer has its place, but for a first time, really heavy edit, paper, pen, and Post-its rule). I have huge Post-it pads and the little sticky tabs for labeling folders. I can't go through the local Staples without giving the Post-it display a once over for anything new and exciting.

I don't remember exactly when I discovered the wonder of the Post-it, but I suspect I knew about them by 1984. I don't recall having them in high school, but they were part of my college equipment. I discovered, too, that my cat, Precious, would stop laying on my books (spread across the bed, of course) and sit on a Post-it stuck to the floor. She also loved Post-its.

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Jim said...

I know the girl who invented Pot-Its. She was a very successful businesswoman. But I can't remember if her name was Romy or Michelle...?